IOR Services in Netherlands

Let One Union Solutions IOR experts handle the complexities. Reach out now to secure seamless imports into the Netherlands, and ensure your business thrives.

Government expenditures in technology and infrastructure have made the Netherlands desirable for international IT, medical, aviation, and automotive companies to import IT appliances, tech, medical, aviation, and automotive equipment. Importing into the Netherlands, like many other nations, may be difficult owing to the country’s stringent rules and restrictions. However, One Union Solutions can assist you in delivering faultless IOR services.

We are ready to assist you in meeting all legal criteria and importing IT and telecom medical equipment for the healthcare, aviation, and automobile sectors. You may rest easy knowing that reliable IOR services are being provided by One Union Solutions, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Importer of Record Services

The Difficulties Of Importing To The Netherlands

The expanded function of the exporter has resulted in a rise in businesses’ usage of third-party exporters. Because of this rule, exporting from the Netherlands is more complex, and businesses need the help of seasoned exporters to achieve their goals. It might be difficult to ship from the Netherlands because of its stringent regulatory environment. To thrive in the Netherlands market, businesses must familiarize themselves with local laws and institute a stringent compliance framework.

Importing goods to the Netherlands necessitates purchasing insurance. If you don’t have your goods insured properly, it could hurt your bottom line. Customs may reduce the declared value if goods are imported without insurance or proof of insurance. The necessary paperwork includes a bill of lading, packing list, invoice, and import permits.

How The Services Of One Union Solutions In The Netherlands May Benefit You

One Union Solutions may serve as your biddable and low-priced Importer of Record (IOR) in the Netherlands. If you’re an IT or telecom company, we can manage the import procedure on your behalf. Trust us to take care of the paperwork and logistics of importing to the Netherlands, and everything will go off without a hitch.

One Union Solutions is an Exporter of Record Service that provides real-time shadowing and visibility over your export activity and is an IOR for IT and technology installations. We are responsible for ensuring that all import procedures comply with Dutch customs legislation and requirements.

Importer of Record Services

Export Of Electronics, Communication, And Information Technology

If you need to import or export IT or telecommunications equipment from the Netherlands, you should know that different industries have different shipping requirements. Some things to take in mind while sending information technology and telecommunications gear to the technological, medical, automotive, and aviation sectors in the Netherlands are as follows:

Tech Industry

It is crucial to familiarize oneself with local rules and get the necessary certifications before importing IT and telecom equipment. Specific certificates and norms are required for imports to run without a hitch. The timely delivery of your IT and telecom equipment depends on the Importer of Record (IOR) competence.

The complicated regulatory framework in the Netherlands might make it difficult for enterprises to import IT and communications equipment. Local certificates, assurances of product safety, and taxes and customs must all be considered by business owners when importing items. To ensure compatibility with international standards, it is also essential to consider trade regulations.

Aviation Industry

Safety regulations for the aviation sector in the Netherlands also apply to the import of computer hardware and software. Airworthiness certificates are required for some items, which calls for extensive testing and inspections. We have coordinated with aviation regulators to achieve timely, cost-effective approvals and certifications. 

Predictive maintenance is gaining traction in the aviation sector. With data analytics and models of previous breakdowns, predictive maintenance can repair equipment before it breaks down. Therefore, the necessity for cutting-edge testing equipment that can back up preventative maintenance plans is growing.

Medical Industry

Knowledge of medical device legislation and standards is necessary to ship IT and telecom equipment to the healthcare sector. Ensuring your items are appropriately labeled and packed per healthcare rules set out by organizations like the Central Organisation for Standardisation and Quality Control (COSQC) and the Ministry of Health is essential.

Automotive Industry

Designing and testing the hundreds of components needed in automobile manufacturing might be expensive and time-consuming. Because of the money and time it may save, digital twin technology is invaluable.

Our professionals have extensive knowledge of the norms and standards in technology, medicine, automotive, and aviation. They will ensure that your imports are both safe and up to par. Your packages will arrive on time since we operate worldwide and provide dependable shipping services.

Frequently Asked Questions

The total value of your products will be subject to an import tax of 21%. For instance, if the stated worth of your goods is 100 EUR, the receiver will need to pay an extra 21 EUR in taxes to the destination country’s government before they may get a package.
On imported items, import charges are charged. The tax is imposed, collected, and transferred to the EU by the Dutch Customs authorities. To pay for collection expenses, member nations can keep a percentage of the import tariffs they rake in.
Temporary imports are possible with the help of IOR services, making them great for events like trade exhibitions and demos and quick projects.
By the end of 2023, Trading Economics’ global macro models and analysts predict the Netherlands’ sales tax rate to be 21.00 per cent. Our econometric models predict that Netherlands Sales Tax Rate – VAT will have a long-term average value of 21.00% in 2024.
An indirect government tax on consumers is the customs duty tax. Importers and distributors pay the duties; they then transfer the cost to consumers.