Global Trade Compliance Certification

One Union Solutions can help you with product certification, ensuring that your IT hardware complies with local regulations and standards for successful deployment in the international market. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can provide a seamless and hassle-free process for you.

Global Trade Compliance Specialists

One Union Solutions provides comprehensive global product compliance services to technology companies. Their in-house team of experts, comprising finance, logistics, product specialists, and trade compliance professionals, ensures clients have access to the international market with confidence.

One Union Solutions offers technical assessment, authorized representation, and expert project management of product certifications in key markets such as India, China, the UAE, and South Korea. These services enable clients to launch their products smoothly into these foreign markets without delay or other constraints.

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Certifications We Offer

Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme

In the United Arab Emirates there is a lot of stress given to some new conformity assessment standards. One Union Solutions can help with the ECAS certification process, ensuring compliance with UAE regulations and allowing for a smooth importation of products into the market.


BIS certification is very complicated and is contextual. Its acquisition is very difficult and complex process. As we have vast import compliance experience we can easily acquire all these certification on our customers' behalf

Korean Certification

One Union Solutions provides support for obtaining the KC certification for our clients, ensuring their products can be imported into South Korea smoothly and without any issues. Our experts will assist with the process from start to finish, ensuring the correct certifications are in place to avoid any fines or seizures at customs.

China Compulsory Certificate

One Union Solutions offers comprehensive support for obtaining the China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) marking for clients who are importing technology hardware into China. Our in-house compliance specialists have the expertise to guide clients through the complex and time-sensitive process, ensuring that their goods are certified and able to clear customs smoothly. Contact us today to learn more about our CCC certification services.


Consultation on Pre-Compliance

Registration & Filing Process
Gather all necessary documents for online/offline submissions, including test reports, machinery/equipment lists, trademark registration/authorization, inclusions (as required), agreements, etc.

Testing within Destination Country (if applicable)
Arrange for the standard shipment of your samples to the destination country and manage testing and delivery to accredited labs through coordination with local partners.

In-Country Representation
Act as your authorized representative in the destination country, serving as the main point of contact for government communications. Available for queries and recalls (when necessary) during market monitoring.

Product Labeling
Upon receiving the license, we'll provide guidance on the standard marking and labeling requirements.

Continuous Regulatory Monitoring
Keep track of changes to country regulations to ensure that all certified products comply with applicable requirements.

License Renewal Assistance
Facilitate the renewal process on your behalf when the license is about to expire.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The basic aim of certifications is to make sure that the products are good quality and safe to use. These certificates assure the consumer that they can easily use the products and they are not harmful. Products have to pass several tests in order to enter the market.

It is required by sellers to sell their products both in domestic and foreign markets.
Certification is also necessary for compliance with the regulations and standards set by the respective countries for the import and sale of the products. Having certification ensures that the product meets the safety and performance requirements, which in turn helps in avoiding any legal issues or penalties in the target market.

  • Go through the criteria for your relevant product
  • Identify whether you fulfill the requirements
  • Provide a sample product for the testing process
  • Provide all the required documentation
  • Complete the application process
  • Label your products accordingly
  • Renew your certificate when required