Exporter Of Record

One Union Solutions offers seamless EOR services to the tech and IT industry. Our dedicated teams of logistics experts ensure a hassle-free process. Like our IOR services, the Exporter of Record takes care of the same level of responsibilities. We adhere to the customs processes and export compliance of each country.

Our responsibilities include obtaining all the required documentation for export clearance, including dual-licenses and permits. At One Union Solutions, we provide a clear description and valuation of the cargo to ensure no breach of regulation. We ensure utmost compliance to avoid risks,
such as financial penalties and criminal liabilities. 

What Is EOR & How It Works?

The EOR ensures that the goods and equipment are exported successfully. It includes accurate documentation of the necessary export requirements. An EOR also abides by all the export laws and regulations of the country.

An Exporter of Record follows a similar concept as an IOR; the only difference
is it applies to exports rather than imports. The Exporter of Record is responsible
for managing documentation and shipping safely.


is your partner in IOR across 170+ countries.

One Union Solutions provides unparalleled EOR services from hundreds of destinations globally. You are welcome to get in touch with our team for further information.

Exporter Of Record FAQs

Think about your entire export process being handled by a team of professionals making you entirely focus on other business areas. A well profound EOR service helps save business time and finances. Outsourcing your export services also means that you can now export out of new destinations.

  • You have a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) shipment ready to export.
  • You don’t have a legal entity in the country of export.
  • You don’t have the export permits needed for that particular export.
  • You lack the knowledge and experience needed to export.

All the export documents are done in One Union Solution`s name. That makes us responsible for the whole process and all the risks associated with it. We will also:

  • Do export clearance and fulfill all the compliance requirements.
  • Fulfill all the financial requirements.
  • Make sure all the documents are valid for audit purposes.


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