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Our IOR Service is tailored to your specific needs. Our professional team constructs an operational layout to effectively fulfill your needs.

IOR Services Global Capabilities

One union solutions is represented in more than 170+ countries which enables us to lead the foreign IOR Industry. One Union Solutions as a Global IOR and Trade Compliance Service Provider is the answer to all your global worries related to commercial sales and tech deployments. Our IOR Service is custom-tailored.

Regardless of missing certificates or not meeting import requirements, we’ll be able to offer you the correct solution. Our Importer of Record (IOR) Services allow companies to import and export tech equipment globally without hassle, delay, or financial penalties.

What Does IOR Mean?

Importer is the party responsible for bringing services or goods from a foreign market to a domestic market. In addition the term importer is also given to a party that is responsible to pay the duty of the goods or the authorized agent acting on the behalf of that party.

What is IOR ?

Importer of Record (IOR) is a legal entity that represents you In countries where you and your end-user do not have a legal presence or do not wish to be involved in any legal procedures. Basically, the Importer Of Record (IOR) undertakes the entire responsibility of keeping you away and hands-free from the import process.

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Why Do You Need Importer of Record (IOR) Service?

  • Shipping goods to a country where you don’t have legal footprints.
  • Your local buyer does not have import permits to engage in the import process.
  • Your local buyer/customer does not want to engage in the import process.
  • Your local buyer/customer is not aware of the import process and customs regulations.

Why Should I Use a Professional Importer of Record (IOR) Service?

  • Lessen the risks involved in the import process.
  • Deliver your goods on time without getting into the hassle of learning and engaging in import compliance.
  • Fulfill all your DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) orders without holding any responsibility and risk exposure.
  • Enjoy professionally handled, risk-free and efficient shipping.

How does Importer Of Record (IOR) Service Work?

  • When using Importer of Record Service all the documentation and filing are done under our name. Thus, all associated risks and responsibilities lie with us.
  • One Union Solutions will complete and source all the necessary documentation.
  • Performing all the pre-compliance checks we make sure the import process is smooth and you don’t miss the deadline.
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