Freight Forwarding Service

Our Importer Service is tailored to your specific needs, since every customer has its own unique requirements, our professional team constructs an operational layout to effectively fulfill your needs.

Freight Forwarding

In today’s time, the logistics industry depends upon several different companies and businesses that come together to make sure that the shipment that the seller initiated reaches the desired country in time. One of the key business partners is the freight forwarder.

The freight forwarding company ensures that the shipment travels efficiently through all the compliance barriers and at the best possible cost. Providing logistic services to the importer or exporter businesses is just one of the primary tasks freight forwarding companies perform.
The experts at One Union Solutions are professional freight forwarders.

Having a global network in 170+ countries globally along with head offices in America and Asia, One Union Solutions can provide freight forwarding services to your company.


Our Exclusive Freight Forwarding Service

Freight forwarding is where an individual or a company specializes in various transport services, from storage to organization to transportation and other logistic services that ensure the relevant products reach the destination in time.
Freight forwarder provides a variety of shipping services that includes preparation of the import and export paperwork, managing space for the products on the vessels, storage of the products, and managing the insurance claims.

Freight forwarding companies have close interaction with transporter companies like cargo planes, truck companies, train carriers, and ocean freight companies. The agreements with these transport companies help them to cut the cost and provide the best deal to the import or export businesses. Freight forwarders interact with special agents who can quickly complete the import or export documentation and receive the shipment to forward it to the desired destination.

These companies handle both international shipments and the local transportation of goods. Having close ties with the transportation partners, One Union Solutions can provide you with services that are suitable for a variety of customers and products.

Looking For A Freight Forwarding Service?

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Over the years we have developed & refined systems to serve our clients with utmost diligence. Our all-inclusive Freight Forwarding Service includes:

Why consider One Union Solutions as your dedicated freight forwarder?

The shipper can import and export without the assistance of a freight forwarder. Yet, Regulations and documentation are complex, export and import fees are heavy, and there is usually a need to use different modes of transportation. For this reason, by using our international freight forwarding service, the shipper can save a lot of time and money. Additionally, you can be relieved of the stress of tracking the transportation of your goods until they reach the end-user.

When sending goods across international borders, several steps can be simplified with the help of a freight forwarder. Your freight forwarding partner can generate, assemble, and review your commercial invoice and export documentation required, saving time and energy that you could spend on the logistics of physically exporting the products. They can also take care of the necessary customs paperwork, including customs declarations and cargo insurance forms.

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