Cross Border Tech Deployments Door-To-Door With DDP Delivery Service

The Delivered Duty Paid Service is paramount for any firm looking to provide the highest level of customer service. One Union Solutions helps streamline your shipment and delivery process.

Delivered Duty Paid Incoterms Meaning

DDP Delivery Service Incoterms is an agreement comprising the guidelines for the international transportation of goods. Under the Delivered Duty Paid Service incoterms, it is the seller’s responsibility for shipment delivery, along with all the risks and costs. These costs include Freight Charges, VAT, Duties, Import and Custom Liabilities, insurance, and any other expenses made until the shipment arrive at the designated location.

We provide an unparalleled DDP service for IT equipment. Here at One Union Solutions, we make sure that Delivered Duty Paid incoterms for your goods are met.

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Why DDP Delivery Service Is Used?

Buyer Protection

One Union Solutions will provide you DDP Delivery Service where we will assume all the costs and risks involved in the shipping process which is why you don’t have to worry about any surprises and potential pitfalls when exporting goods across international borders.

Safe and fast delivery

Shipping your goods halfway around the world can bring many surprises. Countries around the world have their own laws and regulations when it comes to imports. Through our DDP Delivery Service, we make sure to ship your goods through reliable and safe channels.

International Customs fee

Shipping goods across the globe means you have to bear the extra costs involved and you have to make sure you are accurate with your costing. If not assessed accurately you might end up losing profit on sales. Our DDP Delivery Service gives you a smooth purchasing experience.

Let Our DDP Delivery Expert Handle Your Shipment
Clearence Without Delay

Over the years we have developed & refined systems to serve our clients with utmost diligence. Our all-inclusive DDP Delivery Service includes:

Our DDP Service

Pre Shipping

Accurate costing holds a key aspect when shipping across international borders. Our DDP Delivery Service provides accurate upfront costings and deep insight into the compliance process involved. The DDP Delivery Service will ensure that all the permits and licenses are acquired to save time and ensure timely delivery.

In Transit

Keeping a close eye on your goods while in transit we make sure no step is left unattended. From arranging pick-ups to managing the international supply chain and on-arrival swift clearance our DDP Delivery Service manages it efficiently. We make sure your goods remain in safe hands while they are in transit.

Post Clearence

DDP Delivery Service, ensures your goods arrive at their destination safely, which is why we arrange secure transportation and storage facilities. All our in-country storage and delivery services are handled by professional staff trained to handle Hi-Tech equipment. From clearance to installation each step is monitored carefully in the DDP Delivery Service.

Delivered Duty Paid Vs Delivered Duty Unpaid

DDP or DDP Delivery Service is our preferred way of shipping goods across the globe, you can also ship your goods using DDU service or Delivered Duties Unpaid. Shippers might find this appealing but in reality DDU comes with many risks.

There is a difference between DDP Delivery Service and DDU Delivery Service, In DDU the end user gets to be involved in the clearance process. The end user is required to pay all the taxes and duties once the goods arrive at the destination.

That is the reason why DDP Delivery Service is the most preferred way of shipping. With zero end user or customer involvement, it gives a better customer experience to international buyers.

Looking for a hassle-free, reliable way to ship IT equipment abroad?

Welcome to One Union Solutions!

Tired of dealing with the hassles and challenges of shipping IT equipment abroad? The Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) service from One Union Solutions is the solution you’ve been looking for. With our DDP service, companies in the IT, Telecom, Satellite, Aviation & Automotive industries can ship their equipment safely, securely, and without the headache of customs regulations, documentation requirements, and taxes. With an unparalleled shipping experience that’s tailored to meet your unique needs, we take care of everything. Delivering your equipment on time and in perfect condition is easy with our expertise, industry-specific solutions, and streamlined supply chain management. Get peace of mind with One Union Solutions and say goodbye to international shipping stress.

The Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) service

Expertise in shipping IT equipment

Years of experience shipping IT and telecom equipment have given us an edge when it comes to international shipping. We have the expertise and knowledge to handle any shipping situation. As well as our industry expertise, we're accredited and have relevant certifications that prove our commitment to quality.

Specialized solutions for specific industries

Different industries have different regulations and requirements when it comes to shipping equipment. Therefore, our DDP service is tailored to meet the needs of IT, Telecom, Satellite, Aviation & Automotive businesses. We know all the customs regulations, paperwork requirements, and taxes associated with these industries, so our clients can ship hassle-free.

Streamlining supply chain management

We streamline supply chain management for our clients with our DDP service, which allows real-time tracking and reporting. The update keeps our customers in the loop about what's happening with their shipments.

Why should you use our DDP service for your IT and telecom equipment?

  • Delays in customs clearance reduced
    International shipping can be disrupted by delays in customs clearance, resulting in missed deadlines and lost profits. We handle all the paperwork and documentation for customs clearance with our Delivered Duty Paid Service. With our team’s knowledge of customs regulations and procedures, your equipment will sail through customs without any problems. We’ll make sure your equipment reaches its destination on time, every time when you choose our DDP service.
  • Risks of unplanned expenses are minimized
    The costs of international shipping can add up, as customs duties, taxes, and fees eat into your profit. DDP minimizes the risk of unexpected costs by handling all taxes, duties, and fees upfront. As a result of our relationships with customs agencies worldwide, we have access to all the latest information on duty rates and regulations. In this way, we can estimate shipping costs and offer you cost-effective shipping options. Our DDP service prevents you from getting stung by surprise costs and delays, so you can budget for international shipments more effectively.
  • A safe and secure shipping experience
    We take extra care during transit to make sure your IT equipment is safe. It’s our team’s job to package, handle, and transport your equipment so that it arrives in the same condition it was picked up in. For safety, we pack our shipments in high-quality materials and secure them with straps and shock-absorbing materials. Keeping your stuff safe and secure is our top priority.
  • Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before
    International shipping is what One Union Solutions does, especially for the IT, Telecom, Satellite, Aviation, and Automotive industries. Our years of experience handling thousands of shipments give us a deep understanding of industry-specific challenges. These skills and knowledge enable us to provide shipping solutions tailored to your needs. We’re always available to answer questions throughout the shipment process. We deliver IT equipment safely and on time with our unmatched experience.

A look at the challenges of international shipping:

International shipping: understanding the complexities

  1. Customs regulations:
    There are customs regulations and requirements in each country, which can be complicated. All kinds of things are regulated, from import/export restrictions to documentation requirements to fees/taxes. Example: If you want to ship products from the U.S. to Canada, you’ll need a Canadian business number, a customs declaration, and fees.
  2. Documentation:
    Documents like bills of lading, commercial invoices, and customs declarations are required for international shipments. If your documents are wrong or omitted, customs could delay, fine, or even seize your shipment. For example, Invoices must include the product, quantity, value, and country of origin if a product is being shipped from China to the U.S. Missing info might get you fined or delayed by customs.
  3. Taxes and fees:
    Taxes and fees aren’t the only things businesses have to pay. They also have to pay VAT, excise tax, and environmental levies. One country’s fees can be completely different from another’s. Example: The value of the goods shipping from the UK to Germany needs to be charged VAT. Right now there’s a 19% VAT rate in Germany, which could increase shipping costs. The complexity of international shipping requires businesses to understand customs regulations, documentation requirements, and tax/fee structures. Without the right expertise, businesses can have a negative impact on their bottom line.

Here’s how Delivered Duty Paid Service can help your business:

  • Streamlining the shipping process
    The biggest advantage of using our DDP delivery service for IT equipment is that we simplify the international shipping process for our customers. Everything about customs clearance is handled by us, including paperwork and documentation. Our upfront payment of duties, taxes and fees minimizes delays and unexpected costs associated with international shipping.
  • We’ve got cost-effective shipping solutions
    Additionally, we help businesses save money on international shipping costs with our DDP delivery service. Businesses can better plan and budget for shipments when unexpected fees and charges are eliminated. In addition to offering competitive pricing, we make sure businesses get the best value.
  • A reliable and timely delivery service
    IT equipment has to arrive on time and without a hitch. Using the latest technology, we make sure shipments arrive on time and in good shape. It’s our priority to deliver high-quality services on time.

A customized solution for your business:

  • Our services are tailored to your needs
    One Union Solutions understands that every business has different shipping needs. So we offer customized shipping options based on your needs. Your needs can be met whether you need expedited delivery, special handling, or customized packaging.
  • You’ll get dedicated support
    You’ll get dedicated support from our team throughout the shipping process. You’ll get personalized guidance and assistance from start to finish. To make international shipping as easy as possible, we do everything we can.

With our DDP delivery service, you can deliver your IT and telecom equipment easily

Do you want a cost-effective, reliable Delivered Duty Paid Service for your IT and telecom equipment? One Union Solutions is the place to go. Please feel free to ask any questions and get any support you need from our team. Support is available 24/7 and 365 days a year to make sure your delivery needs are met. To find out more about our services, or to get a quote, contact us today. Additionally, we offer resources and information on customs and logistics for IT equipment shipments so businesses can better understand how international shipping works. Feel free to email us at or give us a call at +31 85-0600753.

Frequently Asked Questions

A DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) service lets businesses ship IT equipment internationally without worrying about customs clearance, taxes, or duties. The shipping company handles all the paperwork and payments for shipping the equipment, from origin to destination. It includes dealing with customs clearance, paying taxes and duties, and getting the equipment to the recipient.

With One Union Solutions’ DDP service, we handle all the logistics, paperwork, and payments associated with international shipping for IT equipment. Customs clearance, paying taxes, and making sure the equipment gets delivered to the recipient are part of our service. Businesses can avoid the hassles and risks of international shipping by using One Union Solutions’ DDP service.

Customs clearance, taxes, and duties, language barriers, and logistical challenges all come into play with international shipping. By providing comprehensive logistics support, handling all paperwork and payments related to shipping, and offering multilingual customer service, One Union Solutions can help businesses overcome these challenges.

Using a DDP service from One Union Solutions can minimize the chance of unplanned expenses during international shipping. Taking care of the paperwork and payments associated with shipping helps businesses avoid hidden costs like customs fees and taxes. Besides transparent pricing, One Union Solutions offers upfront cost estimates to help businesses budget.

To stay profitable, businesses need to minimize unplanned expenses during international shipping. The best way to minimize these expenses is to work with a reputable shipping company, like One Union Solutions. Businesses don’t need to worry about unexpected fees or expenses when shipping internationally with One Union Solutions’ DDP service.

The documentation and paperwork for international IT equipment shipping are handled by One Union Solutions. These include customs declarations, commercial invoices, bills of lading, and more. All paperwork needs to be filled out accurately and submitted on time to avoid delays or fines. One Union Solutions reduces businesses’ paperwork and documentation requirements, which saves them time and money. Additionally, One Union Solutions handles customs clearance, making sure all shipments comply with international laws and regulations. Having an expert team who knows customs regulations helps businesses avoid penalties and delays caused by non-compliance.