IOR Services in Bangladesh

“Unlock seamless customs clearance and hassle-free imports today with One Union Solutions – your reliable Importer of Record in Bangladesh. We will take responsibility for importing your IT appliances, medical, aviation, tech, and automotive equipment. Let’s experience the power of  efficient solutions for your IT, Tech, Aviation, Medical, and Automotive businesses!”

A commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading, airway bill, and certificate of origin are the standard paperwork needed to import IT appliances, tech, medical, aviation, and automotive products and services brought into Bangladesh may need extra credentials or import permissions from the appropriate government authorities for health, security, or others. In the public sector, fewer documents are required. 

To fulfill all these requirements, there is a requirement of Knowledgeable importers who can fulfill all needs according to the laws and rules of Bangladesh. So One Union Solutions will help you by taking the responsibility of importing the IT, tech, addition, automotive and medical equipment in Bangladesh.

Importer of Record Services

Importing into Bangladesh: The Complexities

Opportunities abound in Bangladesh for import-focused companies. We at One Union Solutions are experts in guiding companies through the complex import process to Bangladesh. Experts on our team know their way around the local customs system and can provide advice on how to make the import procedure go more smoothly.

Bangladesh’s strict customs clearance processes are a significant barrier to entry for foreign suppliers. Distinct sorts of commodities have particular paperwork, permission, license, and certification needs due to the country’s strict import rules. Delays, penalties, or even seizure of products may arise from a failure to comply with these regulations.

Use The Advice Provided By One Union Solutions

We provide affordable and compliant Importer of Record (IOR) services in Bangladesh. We can assist you in complying with local legislation and guide you through the complicated process of importing IT and Telecom equipment. Save time and money learning the ins and outs of Bangladeshi import regulations. Technologies, healthcare, automobiles, and airplanes are just a few of the fields that may benefit from our individualized services. Let us handle the paperwork and logistics for a smooth import experience in Bangladesh.

Help with Regulations and Compliance

Businesses in Bangladesh must comply with a tangled web of rules and regulations. One Union Solutions is there to help you through the maze of government procedures and help you get the permissions, licenses, and certificates you need. We ensure your company is always by the law by keeping you abreast of regulatory developments.


Your Dependable Companion

One Union Solutions is an Importer of Record (IOR) for IT and technology installations. Still, we are also an Exporter of Record Service, so we can handle all of your foreign shipping needs, from documentation to customs clearance to providing you with updates on your shipment in real time. We also offer smooth export services and guarantee compliance with Bangladeshi customs laws.

Importer of Record Services

One Union Solutions can assist you in many ways in Bangladesh, including the following: Import and export services: We’ll see that your items are handled quickly and efficiently by taking care of everything from customs clearance, and compliance needs to paperwork.

The Aviation Industry

Airports and aircraft in Bangladesh’s aviation sector are expanding rapidly. Importing aircraft components like engines and avionics is highly regulated and requires several certifications. Importers of aviation equipment are responsible for paying more than only customs charges and taxes.

Working with One Union Solutions in the aviation industry can guarantee your aviation equipment’s timely and secure delivery. Our assistance with customers’ customs procedures, certification needs, and tax and duty payments makes goods imports simple.

The Tech Industry

Importing information technology and telecommunications equipment requires knowledge of local rules and certifications. Having these certifications and standards in place is crucial to ensure seamless imports. The timely delivery of your IT and telecom equipment depends on the Importer of Record’s (IOR) expertise.

Businesses that need to import information technology and telecommunications equipment into Bangladesh face a convoluted regulatory landscape. Business owners need to consider local restrictions, such as acquiring certificates and assuring product safety, and taxes and tariffs when importing items. To ensure compliance with global norms, trade regulations must also be considered.

Automotive Industry

Since Bangladesh’s automotive sector is the country’s second most significant, it is an ideal location to get information technology and telecommunications equipment for automobiles. Importing such machinery might be challenging due to the stringent laws in place. 

For instance, enterprises need to secure specialized certifications and ensure the gear is compatible with vehicle systems. The importer of automobile equipment must also pay customs and taxes. Compliance and a smooth procedure are assured with IORs who have prior experience importing automobiles.

The Medical Industry

Excellent patient care in Bangladesh is only possible with high-quality medical equipment. It is easier to import medical equipment into Bangladesh by meeting the requirements of the government there. In addition, medical equipment importers must comply with the customs charges and taxes imposed by the Bangladesh Department of Commerce. It is helpful to work with us as we are familiar with these rules and can expeditiously deliver your medical supplies.

To ensure that our customers’ supply chains run smoothly and efficiently, we provide IOR services that guide them through customs procedures and duties associated with importing medical equipment. Compliance, cost-effectiveness, and attention to the client’s unique requirements are at the forefront of every solution we design.


Frequently Asked Questions

Import Registration Certificates (IRC) are vital for IT, automotive, medical, tech, and aviation businesses in Bangladesh to import IT, tech, medical, and automotive equipment. These certifications permit these firms to import without any restrictions on quality and value.
The following tax rates are in effect in Bangladesh: In Bangladesh, a 15% VAT applies to all IT, medical, tech, and automotive industries. Nonetheless, there are exceptions for import transactions and turnover taxpayers with smaller than Taka 8 million in turnover, which are subject to a 3% turnover tax rate and 0% VAT rate, respectively.
Your exemption allows you to purchase up to $1,600 worth of goods duty-free if they come from an IP. If the commodities are from a CBI or Andean nation, they may be purchased duty-free for up to $800.
One Union Solutions can help you to import IT, medical, tech, aviation, and automotive equipment in Bangladesh by meeting all the legal requirements.
In Bangladesh, there are various popular products, such as IT appliances, aviation, automotive, medical, and tech equipment. You can import these products with the help of One Union Solutions, who is familiar with the import process and trade laws.