IOR Services in Uzbekistan

Do you need assistance with importing goods? If yes, your wait ends here! One Union Solutions will provide full responsibility for importing your medical, aviation, tech, and automotive equipment to Uzbekistan. Let’s move your equipment smoothly and quickly. Get our IOR solutions and develop your industries.

Importer of Record Services

The Challenges of Importing to Uzbekistan

There are many challenges for Uzbekistan’s tech and IT industry to expand. But it can be easy to develop when you follow all the rules for importing your medical, aviation, automotive, and tech equipment. In this, you will need an IOR company that will provide you with appropriate solutions. So choose One Union Solutions for your needs and make your import operations easy and successful.

Uzbekistan is an excellent area to put money into because of its steady economy and little political turmoil. The change is essential to preserving and enhancing Uzbekistan’s worldwide competitiveness. However, the importation of certain commodities is restricted and requires prior approval. Each country’s trade policy states that some goods can be imported while others are restricted.

Uzbekistan's Comprehensive Union-Based Service Offerings

One Union Solutions is an Importer of Record Service that manages all aspects of international shipping on your behalf, saving time and energy by providing accurate, up-to-the-minute information on the delivery of your shipments. We must follow all rules and regulations by Uzbekistan customs to guarantee a smooth export process.

We can fulfill delivery dates and submit all documentation promptly since we know each location’s commerce and government procedures. Our consolidated offering may help you contact customers all around the globe, and it includes the following:

You will only need to deal with us once if you use our services in multiple countries.Communication, task completion, and service monitoring are all simplified by modern technology.Without you having to lift a finger, a crack team of lawyers, accountants, and experts is handling your account.

Importer of Record Services

Distribution in Uzbekistan When You Use Our IOR Services

When sending medical, aviation, automotive, and tech equipment to Uzbekistan, companies may designate One Union Solutions as the “Importer of Record” (IOR). We handle all necessary procedures to ensure on-time shipping without fines, including documentation, compliance inspections, and more.

In addition to being your Installation Organization of Record (IOR) for IT and telecommunications installations, One Union Solutions can also be your Exporter of Record, handling all aspects of your shipments abroad and giving you complete visibility into their locations at all times.

Aviation industry

Regarding quality and safety, no sector is more stringent than aviation. Before providing services to the aviation industry, check that your IT and telecommunications infrastructure meets the rigorous criteria of aviation regulators. The aviation sector also has strict regulations regarding the packing and labeling of equipment.

Medical Industry

Transporting information technology and telecommunications equipment for use in healthcare requires knowledge of the legislation regulating the carriage of medical devices. Items must be appropriately packed and labeled by banking industry standards. The medical device industry works toward more personalized and value-based therapy by creating and marketing innovative tools like wearables and health data services.

What paperwork is required to pass customs in Uzbekistan for the acceptance of imported products is determined by the nature of the commodity being supplied, the nature of any trade agreements (multilateral, bilateral, or unilateral), and the trade policy of Uzbekistan.

Tech Industry

Uzbekistan’s information technology industry is fast-paced. Thus, businesses in the field must be flexible to meet customers’ needs. A well-oiled logistical operation can provide fast and reliable delivery as an IOR. Obtaining an Import Standardization Mark (ISM) certificate is one of the requirements for importing IT and telecom equipment into Uzbekistan.

Because goods and distribution networks constantly evolve, trustworthy and rapid delivery is crucial in the electronics industry. A well-oiled logistical mechanism is required to meet these demands. The IT industry led the market down in 2022 after outperforming it during the pandemic challenges of 2020 and 2021. IT companies are increasingly worried about reducing costs, boosting productivity, and expanding revenue in the face of a potential economic downturn.

Automotive Industry

Undoubtedly, the auto sector is climbing out of a historically difficult era. Stakeholders confront a challenging environment owing to the global economic slowdown, price shocks, and a scarcity of accessible chips, even though recent data imply a steady rebound in the auto industry.

Our staff is familiar with the specific needs of various Uzbekistan business sectors and their difficulties. We understand shipping logistics for various enterprises and organizations, including the telecommunications, information technology, and business networking sectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will feel comfortable and relaxed to know that One Union Solutions will handle your import procedure completely. We assure you about your safety and paperwork and deal with all challenges in the right method. So you can focus on your industry’s development without thinking about the import procedure.
You can import various products such as medical equipment, IT appliances, tech products, aviation, and automotive equipment. According to your industry requirements, you should connect with an experienced IOR company like One Union Solutions in Uzbekistan, which will help you.
As a customs broker and IOR, we will handle all medical, aviation, automotive, and tech equipment with legal rules and requirements. It’s our responsibility to take care of your commodities and import them safely. We will make your importing smooth by following all Uzbekistan requirements.
Yes definitely, if you are new in this country and want to start and import medical, aviation, automotive, and tech equipment, then it is important to appoint IOR service provider who knows all the legal needs and import procedures in Uzbekistan. So it will help you save time and reduce burden.
Yes, you can import your medical equipment easily and smoothly with a knowledgeable IOR service provider like One Union Solutions. No matter its paperwork or laws, we will ensure you about the effective and successful IOR solutions.