IOR Services in Turkey

Look for effective and trustworthy Import of record services in Turkey. Don’t worry! One Union Solutions has got you covered! By taking accountability, we will import your Medical, Tech, Aviation, and Automotive equipment in Twurkey by fulfilling all the legal requirements. Let’s boost your Medical, Tech, Aviation, and Automotive industries with successful import operations.

Importer of Record Services

The Challenges of Turkish Imports

Importing products into Turkey is subject to several regulations. In addition to stricter rules for telecommunications equipment, Turkey bans imports from some nations. Getting the necessary paperwork to prove the product’s legitimacy as a legitimate source might take some time.

Businesses that want to comply with these rules must determine their unique Harmonized System (HS) codes. Use these codes to learn more about the specific import/export documentation and regulations that apply to your situation. By obtaining accurate HS codes, businesses can ensure a seamless import/export procedure.

In Turkey, One Union Solutions May Assist In The Following Ways

One Union Solutions offers affordable and compliant Importer of Record (IOR) services in Turkey for companies in the technology, medical, automotive, and aviation sectors. We take care of the paperwork and logistics of importing to Turkey so that your firm can focus on what it does best.

Importer of Record Services

Importing to Turkey Has Never Been Easier With Our IOR Services

One Union Solutions is the “Importer of Record” (IOR) for foreign businesses shipping to Turkey. We handle all the paperwork, compliance checks, and other requirements to ensure your shipment goes off without a hitch or a fine. 

Turkey’s Most Reliable Exporter-Of-Record Service Provider

One Union Solutions also provides Exporter of Record services, ensuring that your overseas shipment fully complies with all laws and regulations of the destination country (in this case, Turkey). We guarantee timely and trouble-free international shipments for your company, and you may monitor the shipment’s status in real-time.

Tech Industry

The technology sector in Turkey is developing quickly, posing a challenge to local enterprises that must adapt to survive. As an IOR, your success is contingent on the efficiency and dependability of your logistics operation. Turkey has strict regulations on importing IT and Telecom equipment, including the need for an Import Standardization Mark (ISM) certificate.

When importing IT equipment into Turkey, IT businesses must consider local certification standards in addition to taxes and duties. A savvy accomplice can guide you through the procedure and assist you in avoiding any pitfalls.

Aviation Industry

The equipment must be adequately packaged and labeled by aviation industry standards. Turkey’s aviation sector must consider the technical specifications of imported equipment. Compatibility with current systems and resilience to severe environments are two examples of such criteria. 

You’ll want a collaborator that knows their way around the aviation sector and can advise you on meeting all the necessary technical, certification, and government standards. If the importers keep these things in mind, the imported equipment will function consistently and safely in the aviation business.

Medical Industry

Let’s pretend you’re interested in exporting to the Turkish healthcare market. Items must be packed and labeled correctly by industry standards. Medical professionals in Turkey cannot do their jobs effectively without access to top-notch medical equipment.

Automotive Industry

Several major multinational automakers have established operations in Turkey, adding significantly to the country’s economy. Several policies and incentives have been implemented to attract foreign investment. Turkey is a prime location to get telecoms and IT gear for automobiles since it is home to the country’s second-largest automotive sector. 

Due to the stringent regulations, it may be challenging to import such equipment. The importer of automobile equipment must also pay customs and taxes. Professional IORs in the auto import business ensure legality and efficiency.

We are familiar with importing and exporting IT & Telecom equipment from/to Turkey. Expertise and experience are necessities for meeting local requirements such as standards, rules, certifications, taxes, and obligations.

Frequently Asked Questions

One Union Solutions can assist you in avoiding surprising costs and surcharges by overseeing your IT and tech equipment transportation. We manage storage, warehousing, and door-to-door transport while also taking maintenance of fees for tariffs, duties, and credential costs as the Importer of Record.
We keep detailed documentation stored for the required duration by regulation so that if you require paperwork in the future, we can give it to assist you in avoiding penalties and surcharges. So don’t worry; we are always here to assist you anytime with 24/7 available IOR services.
Yes, definitely! One Union Solutions not only provides freight forwarding services but also provides IOR services. We offer Importer of Record services for IT, medical, tech, and aviation enterprises worldwide. With a vast global network, we ensure a smooth IOR procedure for clients. Our team can aid in importing IT, tech, medical, and aviation equipment promptly and expediting the import-export procedure.
When importing IT and telecom equipment, it is vital to have a designated Importer of Record (IOR) to meet legal necessities. This is especially significant for high-value commodities subject to customs duties and surcharges. Without an IOR, it can be challenging to specify who is accountable for paying costs and completing all the importation obligations in Turkish.
Turkish customs regulations are not too rigorous, transparent, and easy for visitors to grasp. No “original” limitations exist, such as prohibiting the import or export of cigarettes or chewing gum.