IOR Services in Portugal

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Importer of Record Services

Requirements for Importer of Record Portugal

Most goods entering and leaving Portugal follow a single trade policy because of the country’s membership in the European Union. An EORI number is required for all imports. The Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) system is a requirement of EU law that all member states must implement. When corresponding electronically with Customs and other government agencies engaged in international commerce, all importers must use a unique EORI reference number. To know all the processes, IOR service providers like One Union Solutions play a crucial role in importing IT, tech, automotive, aviation, and medical equipment to Portugal. 

Before bringing goods into Union customs territory, operators must use an electronic method (Union Customs Code – UCC) to fill out an Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) and submit it to customs in the nation of entry. The Union Customs Code (UCC) is the new framework law on the rules and procedures for businesses in the European Union. It is an integral aspect of customs modernization.

Challenges of Importing to Portugal

However, much like any emerging economy, challenges must be met. Portugal has a reputation for being difficult to import due to its onerous rules, customs processes, and bureaucratic red tape. Cisco, for example, is subject to stringent import restrictions in Portugal, and many items need certifications that may be costly and time-consuming.

Despite these difficulties, Portugal’s digital sector is expanding because of the efforts of many innovative individuals and businesses. Portugal is a country to watch if you’re interested in keeping tabs on a vibrant, developing IT industry.

Importer of Record Services

In Portugal, One Union Solutions may assist you in the following ways

In Portugal, One Union Solutions acts as an Importer of Record (IOR) and offers its services compliantly and affordably. If you need help importing IT, medical, or telecom equipment, we’ve covered you from start to finish. You can be confident that we will handle all the necessary paperwork and procedures for your import into Portugal.

Businesses needing an Importer of Record (IOR) in Portugal may turn to One Union Solutions. We handle all the necessary documentation, compliance checks, and other regulations to ensure your shipment is processed quickly and without incident. You can trust us to get your imports to you quickly and easily because of our presence in more than 170 countries and our expertise in providing time-sensitive shipping services.

Aviation Industry

Sales of airplane test equipment have risen consistently over the last several years. The future of aircraft test equipment and some of its most exciting advances and potential are discussed. There is a need for a customs clearance certificate for the importation of aviation products in Portugal.

Predictive maintenance is gaining traction in the aviation sector. Preventative servicing of Equipment is made possible via the use of data analytics and models of previous breakdowns. Therefore, there is a growing need for cutting-edge testing equipment that can sustain ahead-of-time maintenance plans.

Tech Industry

Portugal has a dire need for improvements to its information and communication networks. The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission and the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society have strict regulations for importing such Equipment, including mandatory certification. Equipment types and functions may need special tariff and tax structures. These challenges may be overcome with preparation, experience, and knowledge of Portugal’s legal system.

Tech equipment is only one of several types of imports that are subject to regulatory oversight. Tech Equipment importers ensure their wares are certified and up to code before sending them to Portugal. Due to strong demand and little supply, imports of tech equipment are susceptible to customs and shipping delays.

Medical Industry

Regarding the medical field, Portugal has strict regulations regarding the import of medical equipment. Importing medical Equipment must first be approved for importation by the Ministry of Health. 

There must also be documentation like a CE certificate, and proper labeling (must be in Portuguese). Our staff has the expertise to get you registered and certified on schedule without breaking the bank. Different regulations apply to the import of  medical equipment for the healthcare sector.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry in Portugal needs transportation and technical, and logistical support. Therefore, the sector requires tight coordination and careful planning. Proper attestation, labelling, and packaging are essential for ensuring legal compliance. The requirements for certification may be stringent. 

Importers should check their aircraft gear’s quality before using it. Experts in importing automobile components and related machinery are in great demand in Portugal. Compatibility and dependability are guaranteed by standards for environmental conditions and functional safety, such as ISO 16750 and ISO 26262.

Frequently Asked Questions

The increased amount of imports represents a developing economy and strong domestic demand in Portugal. If these imports are equipment like IT, tech, aviation, and medical, it will help boost the Portuguese IT, medical, tech, and aviation industries.
The import documentation is very necessary as it provides a clear record of transactions, facilitates the transportation of IT and telecom equipment and make sure compliance with legal requirements.
Yes, it is a necessary document in the import process. This document is important, especially when it comes to logistics and shipping, as it gives proof of shipment.
Yes, One Union Solutions can provide you assistance to import your medical equipment with proper rules and legal requirements. We know all the Portuguese regulations and customs clearance trade laws, so you will be assured of getting safe and effective IOR services.
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