IOR Services in Poland

Get dedicated and trouble-free IOR services in Poland. With the assistance of One Union Solutions, you will get successful import operations. Whether you want to import tech, medical, aviation, or automotive equipment, we will take accountability and give appropriate solutions accordingly. So don’t wait, let’s connect and import your equipment fasly in Poland!

Importer of Record Services

Import services in Poland to transport goods

Poland is part of the European Union, which follows ordinary trade procedures for importing IT and telecom products. These procedures involve utilizing a particular code known as TARIC for particular medical, tech, aviation, and automotive equipment. Also, any import or transit within EU nations like Poland needs an EORI number, which stands for Economic Operator Registration and Identification. This strategy has been required by EU ruling for all member states to take on.

An importer of record is accountable for importing IT, medical, tech, aviation, and automotive equipment in accordance with the rules of Poland. One Union Solutions can serve as your Importer of Record service provider and custom broker in Poland. We will import your IT appliances, medical, tech, aviation, and automotive equipment and make sure about compliance.

How to Solve Complexities in Importing into Poland

There are some strict rules and regulations that the medical, tech, aviation, and automotive industries should know. However, they feel some challenges in fulfilling their paperwork and import procedure. In this case, knowledgeable and reliable IOR services play a crucial role.

When you connect with One Union Solutions, you will not only know about the import procedure but also get hassle-free services to save you time. We will provide cost-effective and accurate solutions according to your importing requirements in Poland. So it helps you to solve your difficulties regarding the documents and import processes.

Importer of Record Services

Make your Importing in Poland easy 

One Union Solutions oversees the import process for your IT, medical, aviation, automotive, and telecom equipment in Poland while providing compliance and reliable Importer of Record (IOR) services. 

To ensure a smooth import procedure, we follow Poland’s customs rules and prerequisites. We handle all necessary procedures to ensure on-time shipping without delays, such as documentation, compliance inspections, and other paperwork. Because of our comprehensive global network in more than 170+ countries and our proficiency to reliably import time-sensitive tech and IT, we are your trustable choice for Importer of Record Services in Poland.

We provide our IOR services to four industries in Poland.

Aviation Industry

The IOR is authorized by Poland’s laws to import aviation equipment and has all essential permits, licenses, and applications for smooth customs clearance. 

We build long-term cooperations with our customers based on trust and enthusiasm, offering effective solutions to ensure the smooth procedure of their supply chains and importing.

Medical Industry

Understanding the laws and criteria that relate to medical appliances is vital when importing IT and telecom equipment to the medical sector. Administration agencies such as the Ministry of Foreign Trade and the Poland Customs Service have established statutes that must be followed. In addition, make sure the labels and packaging are accurate and according to healthcare regulations. Here, One Union Solutions will provide full support to import the medical equipment successfully.

Automotive Industry

It is essential to adhere to all relevant laws and rules while importing automotive equipment to Poland’s automotive industry. ISO certifications like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are necessary to import automotive products in Poland. Also, the automotive industries need to complete all the processes that are required in Poland. With the support of our experts, you will be sure about the automotive equipment importing. 

Tech Industry

Nowadays, the tech industry is increasing day after day in Poland. Thus, a streamlined logistics procedure is essential. It is necessary to acquire an Import Standardization Mark (ISM) certification to import information technology and telecommunications equipment into Poland. Tech Corporations must understand Polish import regulations, industry standards, and consumer priorities. Working with an experienced partner like One Union Solutions can facilitate import operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

One Union Solutions is a trusted partner that assists IT, tech, medical, automotive, and aviation industries importing IT, tech, medical, automotive, and aviation in Poland by ensuring compliance with trade and import laws. We have the proficiency and expertise to navigate the lawful prerequisites of shipping these commodities. We also offer comprehensive logistical services for shipments across medical, tech, aviation, and automotive industries. Our door-to-door solutions ensure efficient and quick importation of these commodities in Poland.
Customs brokers are accountable for maintaining their customers’ transaction records and papers confidential. Custom brokers should also scrutinize the shipment of IT and tech equipment to ensure they reach their destination safely. So, One Union Solutions will assist you and handle all the things properly to make your process successful.
Shipping high-tech hardware frequently needs industrial authorizations and certifications of conformity, which are the obligation of an Importer of Record. While acquiring these certifications can be straightforward in Poland, it can be challenging in regions with complicated markets for importing IT and Telecom equipment. So, to make the import process easy, you will need a reliable partner like One Union Solutions who will assist you by taking responsibility.
An IOR assists with tariff refunds for imported IT, tech, medical, aviation, and automotive equipment to prevent overcharging. We determine eligibility, prepare papers, and present statements to customs or tax administrations for refund claims.
If you are looking for experienced IOR and custom brokers in Poland, you will be pleased to know that One Union Solutions in Poland will offer you IOR services according to your IT and telecom industries requirements. Due to thorough understanding, we will help you to import your tech and IT equipment while meeting all legal needs in Poland.