IOR Services in Peru

“Make your importing straightforward and efficient! Connect here to let One Union Solutions manage all your IOR necessities in Peru and ensure a smooth and compliant import procedure for your IT appliances, tech, automotive,  aviation, and medical equipment.”

Importer of Record Services

Requirements for import IT, tech and medical equipment

Nowadays, there are loads of requirements needed to import the  IT appliances, medical equipment, aviation, tech, and automotive products, but only the IOR service provider knows all the processes and facilitates the process. One Union solution has got you covered and fulfills your IOR needs by providing smooth IOR services. A Unique Taxpayer Registry (RUC) is required to import or export goods from Peru. A registered trade with the appropriate license is required to import commercial IT appliances, medical equipment, aviation, tech, and automotive products into Peru. The Peruvian Customs Service, also known as La Superintendencia Nacional de Aduanas y de Administración Tributaria (SUNAT), is in charge of collecting taxes on commodities, enforcing customs regulations, easing the flow of lawful commerce, and safeguarding Peru’s citizens and legitimate IT, tech, medical and aviation businesses.

The paperwork requirements may change based on the country of departure or arrival. Having valid documentation, providing accurate information in those documents, presenting the paperwork, and completing the requisite applications for Customs Clearance as soon as possible are all crucial factors in ensuring a smooth Customs Clearance procedure. One Union Solutions is responsible for preparing all necessary import documentation by applicable laws and regulations to pass through customs successfully.

The Challenges of Peruvian Imports

Software, e-commerce, telecommunications, AI, and clean technology are all part of Peru’s thriving tech sector. The country has much going for it regarding education, R&D, and government funding, making it an international center for technological advancement. 

The government of Peru provides generous subsidies to ICT firms. Investment in businesses via incubators, accelerators, and venture capital is essential. Peru’s market is significant because of its tech-savvy populace and developed digital business environment. Maintaining currency with regulatory norms and customs policies is vital to running efficiently.

Importer of Record Services

Retailers of Electronics for Communications and Computing

You may get some answers to your questions about the difficulties of moving IT and telecom equipment to Peruvian enterprises by reading the following. The rising popularity and challenging regulatory requirements for autonomous, electric, and hybrid vehicles are causing significant shifts in the automotive industry.

As more and more car parts are replaced by their digital counterparts, there is a rising need for secure and dependable automotive software. The 2023 State of Automotive Software Development Report is available for free download. It contains over 70 pages of research, infographics, and information on significant issues, best practices, and future trends in automotive software development.

Tech Industry

Knowledge of industry-specific certifications, such as Industry Peru’s Radio Equipment Certification or Compliance Labeling Approval, is necessary for importing tech equipment into Peru’s tech sector. Maintaining the proper certifications is vital to a smooth customs clearance process. 

Without initially establishing a presence in the country, navigating the complex processes required to get your items through customs may be challenging without incurring unnecessary delays or costs. If your company needs help clearing international customs, contact One Union Solutions, a customs compliance organization focusing on improving technical equipment with proper laws and carrying out everything properly, like customs clearance and documentation.

Automotive Industry

Designing and testing the hundreds of components used in automotive production may be time-consuming and costly. Digital twin technology has the potential to save significant time and resources. What does one name a digital replica? For testing, a primitive virtual model known as a “digital twin” was developed 20 years ago. Thanks to the virtual world, analysts, engineers, and scientists may now investigate real-world challenges in a low-cost, risk-free context.

Certifications like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are required for importing automotive products. Safety laws and standards are essential for the automobile sector in Peru. The Peru Motor Vehicle Safety Standards should guarantee the reliability and effectiveness of automotive technology.  So, One Union Solutions will help you to import automotive products by providing reliable IOR services.

Medical Industry

Health Peru’s Medical Devices Regulations must be followed while bringing medical supplies. This involves obtaining permits and conducting conformity evaluations to ensure patient safety and service effectiveness. ISO 13485 and the Peru Medical Devices Conformity Assessment System compliance are prerequisites for a successful quality management system. 

You must coordinate with Health Peru and other relevant regulatory organizations to import medical equipment into Peru. Before making any concrete decisions, let’s look at the advanced healthcare technology and mobile app developments that are reshaping the business and being adopted by your competitors.

Aviation Industry

The aviation industry in Peru, including its airports and planes, is quickly developing. Some certifications must be met to import aircraft components, including engines and avionics. Aircraft equipment importers must pay other costs beyond tariffs and levies. You can rest easy knowing that your aviation equipment will arrive safely and on schedule if you work with One Union Solutions

Our help lets our clients easily import items without worrying about tax and duty payments, customs clearance, or obtaining necessary certifications. Demand from customers and the industry’s history of bouncing back from adversity all point to further success for the aviation market in the coming years. Issues have been resolved, and creative opportunities will remain at the forefront of the sector until at least 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Peru has numerous important ports and airports for international trade and cargo forwarding. Port of Paita: The Port of Paita is renowned for its efficient container and general cargo operations and being at a handy location in northern Peru. Jorge Chávez International Airport (LIM): Jorge Chávez International Airport (LIM), serving Lima, is Peru’s primary airport and a major hub for air freight exports.
The import of certain used items, such as worn tires, vehicles older than five years, and large trucks (tonnages more than three tons) older than eight years, is now prohibited in Peru, except for charity gifts.
In Peru, clearing immigration and customs is a simple process. Before you land, the procedure starts on the aircraft. The flight attendant will distribute two forms: one for immigration and one for customs.
One Union Solutions can help you to import not only your automotive equipment but also your IT and telecom equipment with proper legal regulations in Peru.
On February 1, 2009, the U.S.-Peru Free Trade Agreement (PTPA) was enacted. The PTPA does away with tariffs and other obstacles to U.S. services, gives investors a stable legal foundation to build, and improves safeguards for things like IP, workers’ rights, and environmental quality.