IOR Services in Mozambique

Take control of your imports with us! Get reliable IOR services from One Union Solutions for your IT, medical, tech, aviation, and automotive equipment requirements. We will take responsibility for importing all these products into Mozambique.

When all the conditions set out by the Government of Mozambique have been met, any legal company registered with the Tax Authority of Mozambique may begin proper operations and participate in foreign commerce. Importing commodities from and to Mozambique requires a registered trade with the appropriate permission (if necessary) according to the nature of the business and inclusion in the nation’s Trade and Company Register. In this case, One Union Solutions will assist you by providing smooth IOR services and streamlining your importing process.

When applying for a business license or importing IT, medical, tech, aviation and automotive equipment, NUIT is required. The country’s tax agency issues the Mozambican Taxpayer’s Unique Identification Number (NUIT). To import into Mozambique, you’ll need a valid import license, a VAT registration number (NUIT), a “Contra Marca” number for these products entering the country, and an import/export permission or license number.

The Customs and Excise division of the Mozambican Revenue Authority (Autoridade Tributária de Moçambique) is responsible for collecting taxes on products like IT, medical, tech, aviation and automotive, enforcing tax and customs policy and legislation through inspections and monitoring, facilitating lawful trade, and safeguarding Mozambique’s society and the legal economy.

Importer of Record Services

Importer of Record Mozambique: The Complexities

Mozambique is an ideal destination for IT, tech, medical, automotive and aviation companies and people because of the country’s beautiful tropical island and central position in the Caribbean. Mozambique’s IT industry may need to be more well-known, but it has plenty of room to expand.

You can solve all your  complexities with One Union Solutions. We not only import your IT, tech, medical, automotive, and aviation products but also help you fulfill all your legal requirements. By connecting with us, you will ensure your successful importing process.

One Union Solutions' Mozambican Services Below

When importing IT, tech, medical, automotive, and aviation products into Mozambique, companies like technological, medical, automotive, and aviation sectors may rely on One Union Solutions to handle everything from start to finish. So that you can focus on growing your company, we will take all of the paperwork and bureaucracy involved in importing your items into Mozambique.

Businesses that import IT, tech, medical, automotive, and aviation equipment into Mozambique may use One Union Solutions’ Importer of Record (IOR) services. Without setting up a separate local business entity, One Union Solution might act as your “Importer of Record” in Mozambique. For shipments containing IT entering or leaving Mozambique, One Union Solutions may work as either the Importer of Record or Exporter of Record.

Importer of Record Services

Tech Industry

Mozambique has a dire need for improvements to its information and communication networks. The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission and the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society have strict regulations regarding importing such equipment, including certification requirements. Tax and tariff rates on specific pieces of machinery may vary according to their intended use.

Imports of many things, including telecommunications equipment, are subject to government oversight. The importer of equipment must verify that the equipment is certified and up to code before shipping the equipment to Mozambique. Due to strong demand and little supply, imports of IT equipment are susceptible to customs and shipping delays. When it comes to importing ten equipment, One Union Solutions can assist you by taking responsibility and providing smooth IOR services.

Automotive Industry

Transport and logistics in the car industry must meet high standards of efficiency and collaboration since it is so large and complex. Fast and reliable transportation of all goods, from raw materials to finished vehicles, is essential for meeting tight deadlines and satisfying customers. But One Union Solutions can help you to import automotive products.

Providers of transportation services must have the necessary tools to help with automotive breakdowns, including the proper clothing, packaging materials, and adherence to Mozambique Standards Board regulations. The force chain must be visible and optimized to function at peak efficiency.

Medical Industry

Most of Mozambique’s medical supplies and tools come from outside. Using our IOR services, importing medical products with the required permissions is a breeze. To keep our customers’ supply chains operating efficiently, we provide IOR services to assist with the customs procedures and fees associated with importing medical equipment. Being aware of medical bias regulations while shipping IT and communications equipment is essential. 

As just one example, Mozambique’s Food and Medicines Authority (FDA) maintains stringent regulations. Companies involved in logistics and shipping must thus comply with strict requirements while transporting such commodities. Stable temperatures and secure packaging are the beginning of what should be considered while stowing away supplies. Transporting IT & Telecom equipment in the medical industry requires knowledge of medical bias norms and standards. Temperature-controlled storage and secure packaging are two of the many prerequisites for the safe and secure transport of medical equipment. 

Aviation Industry

The aviation industry must verify that imported equipment satisfies Transport Mozambique’s standards and safety requirements before it can be used. The aviation industry relies heavily on logistics and transportation services.

The Mozambique Civil Aviation Authority controls importing of civil aviation equipment to the country. Imports of aviation equipment are subject to taxes in addition to customs charges. One Union Solutions, with expertise in aircraft imports, may aid firms in ensuring the timely and secure delivery of aviation equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We import mainly IT appliances, tech, medical, aviation, and automotive equipment in Mozambique.
No, One Union Solutions mainly imports IT, tech, automotive, and aviation equipment in Mozambique rather than food products. We will take responsibility for all your equipment.
A TIP (Temporary Import Permit) is crucial in Mozambique. It is necessary to bring a registered vehicle into Mozambique from outside the nation. This credentials may be acquired at the Mozambique Border Post and should stamp by administrators.
You can make your import process easy with the assistance of One Union Solutions. We will assist you to import your IT, medical, aviation and tech products fastly and safely.
Most products are covered under India’s EXIM Policy’s Open General License rule. This implies that unless they are restricted by the terms of the policy or by relevant laws, items are assumed to be freely importable without limits and a license.