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Unlock smooth import procedures and trouble-free customs clearance for your IT, tech, medical, aviation, and automotive industries in Hungary. Experience the power of One Union Solutions today. Click here to facilitate your imports and boost your operations.

Importer of Record Services

Importer of Record Hungary

Are you looking for smooth IOR services in Hungary? Don’t worry; One Union Solutions can help your IT, medical, tech, and automotive industries import IT appliances, tech, and medical products in Hungary. 

There are lots of requirements needed in the importing process. This can only be understood by importers who know the customs laws, import procedures, and country regulations. So, with the assistance of One Union Solutions, you will get smooth and reliable IOR services as we have knowledgeable partners who can streamline the IOR operations.

Difficulties of Importing to Hungary

Companies increasingly use various importers as the role of importer has broadened. Because of this regulation, importing from Hungary is more challenging, and companies must work with seasoned importers to succeed. Due to its strict regulatory climate, importing in Hungary might take much work. Customs, taxes, and import restrictions are just a few rules businesses must adhere to. Companies operating in Hungary need to be familiar with the country’s legal system and implement a rigorous compliance structure to succeed in the market.

Businesses that master the import procedure have access to a profitable market with significant medical technology and equipment demand. If your company wants to develop internationally, importing from Hungary may be a good option. Companies may effectively traverse the complexity by forming strategic partnerships with suppliers that are experts in the field and building a solid compliance framework.

Insurance is required before importing goods to Hungary. One Union Solutions provides effective and reliable IOR services to your industries like medical, tech, aviation and automotive.

Importer of Record Services

Get Help From One Union Solutions

Hungary’s Importer of Record (IOR) services are reasonably priced and compliant. We can help you through the complex process of importing IT and Telecom equipment and ensure you fully comply with local laws. Learn the ins and outs of Hungarian import laws to save time and money. Industries such as technology, medical, IT, and aviation may all use our specialized help. Let us take care of the details for a trouble-free import experience in Hungary.

  • Help with Following Regulations

Businesses must follow a complex network of laws and regulations in Hungary. If you need assistance navigating government channels and securing the appropriate authorizations, licenses, and certifications, go no further than One Union Solutions. We will ensure that your IT, medical, tech, and automotive businesses will constantly comply by updating you on the latest regulatory changes.

  • Trustworthy Companion

Regarding hardware and software setup, One Union Solutions is the Importer of Record (IOR). Still, as an Importer of Record Service, we can take care of everything associated with international transport for you, from paperwork and customs clearance to regular status updates. We can also ensure that your export goes off without a hitch by adhering to all applicable Hungarian regulations.

Information Technology and Telecommunications Equipment Export to Hungary

You should know that various sectors have varied shipping needs if importing IT or telecom equipment in Hungary. Here are some considerations to keep in mind while delivering IT, medical, and telecom equipment to Hungary’s technology, medical, automotive, and aviation sectors:

Tech Industry

When importing IT and telecom equipment, it is essential to understand local regulations and obtain the appropriate certifications. The smooth operation of imports depends on the availability of specific certificates and standards. The proficiency of the Importer of Record (IOR) is crucial to the on-time delivery of your IT and telecom equipment.

Importing IT and telecom equipment into Hungary may be challenging for businesses due to the country’s complex regulatory environment. When importing goods, entrepreneurs must consider local regulations such as those requiring certifications, requiring guarantees of product safety, and imposing taxes and customs. Consideration of trade legislation is also necessary to guarantee conformity with international standards.

Medical Industry

Suppose you are sending medical equipment to the healthcare sector in Hungary. The items must be packaged and labeled correctly to conform to standards in the industry. High-quality medical equipment is essential for providing excellent patient care in Hungary.

If you can satisfy the regulations set out by the government of Hungary, importing medical equipment will be a breeze. Importers of medical supplies into Hungary must also pay any duties or other taxes levied by the country’s Ministry of Trade. One Union Solutions knows all these regulations and can speedily deliver your medical equipment.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry in Hungary also faces some challenges related to importing automotive products but with the help of One Union Solutions, you can easily solve your issues and get trustworthy IOR services.  For instance, Automotive businesses must ensure the equipment is compatible with car systems and get the necessary certifications. We offer efficient services to streamline the process. We also handle tax and duty payments and customs clearance so that you can relax. 

Aviation industry

IT and telecommunications equipment are in higher demand due to the booming Hungarian aviation sector. Customers in this sector may rest easy knowing they comply with the rules and regulations set out by the Hungary Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and others with the help of IOR services. Our assistance with customers’ customs procedures, certification needs, and tax and duty payments makes goods imports simple. We also ensure that our customers’ handling of critical aviation equipment is up to NCAA requirements for safety and security. The equipment must be packaged and labeled correctly by aviation industry standards.

The logistics processes of companies are more effective, trustworthy, and lawful if they take the time to learn the rules and standards of the sectors they service. With the assistance of One Union Solutions, companies in the technology, medical, automotive, and aviation sectors may forge lasting partnerships with customers in Hungary.

Frequently Asked Questions

The total value of your cargo will be subject to a 27% import tax.
While import licenses are no longer needed for around 95% of products entering Hungary, rights are still necessary to import items such as medical equipment, aviation and automotive equipment, tech products and, IT appliances, etc.
The importer of record is accountable for ensuring that all the IT appliances, tech, medical, and automotive products are imported through all legal requirements. One Union Solutions take care of all legal needs and laws. We also ensure that products are imported according to customs laws in Hungary.
There are Various documents such as a Bill of entry, commercial invoice, Bill of lading, certification of insurance, letter of credit, and industrial license are required in the import process.
Importing and exporting commodities require registration with regional licensing authorities. Unless the importer possesses an Import Export Code (IEC) issued by the appropriate provincial administration, the customs office will not release the shipment for clearance.