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“Unlock seamless imports and effortless compliance with One Union Solutions – your trusted Importer of Record service provider or custom broker in Estonia. You can rely on our importing services to import your IT, tech, medical, aviation, and automotive equipment. Level up your IT, tech, medical, aviation, and automotive businesses today!”

If the proper paperwork is filed with the Estonian Tax Authority, any legal entity may open for business and participate in foreign commerce. To import products into Estonia, a firm must be registered with the Commerce and Company Register and have the appropriate licenses (if any) for conducting commerce.

The Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) system is a requirement of EU law that all member states must implement. When corresponding electronically with Customs and other government agencies engaged in international commerce, all importers, exporters, and other carriers must use a unique EORI reference number. This necessitates using an EORI number by all parties participating in the export, transit, and import processes.

One Union Solutions can help you to make your complicated importing process easy by taking responsibility for your importing IT, tech, medical, aviation, and automotive equipment and paperwork.

Importer of Record Services

The Challenges of Importing to Estonia

However, much like any emerging economy, challenges must be met. Despite these difficulties, Estonia’s digital sector thrives because of the efforts of many innovative individuals and businesses committed to creating a better tomorrow. Estonia is a country to watch if you’re interested in keeping tabs on a vibrant, expanding IT industry. The extended function of the exporter has resulted in a rise in the usage of third-party exporters by businesses. Due to new regulations, companies exporting from Estonia will need the help of seasoned exporters.

It may be difficult to ship from Estonia because of the country’s stringent regulatory environment. To thrive in the Estonian market, businesses should familiarize themselves with local rules and implement a comprehensive compliance program. Successful importers and exporters may tap into a lucrative market with high medical technology and equipment demand. Exporting from Estonia might help your firm expand abroad. To successfully navigate the complexity, businesses may develop a sound compliance framework and form strategic alliances with suppliers that are specialists in the subject.

Why One Union Solutions

  • Typically, we work with multinational corporations like  IT, tech, medical, aviation, and automotive that want assistance and importing their IT, tech, medical, aviation, and automotive products.
  • Focus on what matters while we handle the foreign logistics for you. To guarantee that our client’s goods are approved and can pass through customs promptly and smoothly, we employ in-house compliance specialists with a comprehensive understanding of complex and time-sensitive processes.
  • Our goal is 100% compliance and customer satisfaction with every shipment. We provide the quickest possible customs clearance times for our client’s IT shipments by following all applicable procedures.

The success of our patrons is essential to our growth. As a result, One Union Solutions has become an indispensable element of our client’s global expansion. Since our system is so simple, we can now serve customers in over 170+ countries.

Importer of Record Services

Tech Industry

Knowledge of local regulations and approvals is necessary for importing IT and telecom equipment. Having these approvals and rules in place is essential for streamlined imports. The proficiency of the Importer of Record (IOR) is crucial to the on-time delivery of your IT and telecom equipment.

Estonia’s burgeoning IT sector strongly needs computer hardware and software. However, imports might be challenging due to certification demands, customs procedures, and trade norms. In Estonia, for example, the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection must approve certain IT goods before they may be sold.

Aviation Industry

If the project is to survive the higher financial expenses that will result from increasing interest rates, it will need to make rapid adjustments in sustainability. Issues have been resolved, and creative opportunities will remain at the forefront of the sector until at least 2023.

One Union Solutions’ service offerings have evolved from day one to meet the needs of the company’s clients and the commercial landscape. Our continued success attests to the quality of our services at One Union Solutions.

Automotive Industry

As the country’s second-largest economic sector, Estonia’s automotive industry is a prime location to get telecommunications and information technology gear for automobiles. Due to the stringent regulations, it may be challenging to import such equipment. For instance, companies must secure certifications and ensure their equipment is compatible with automotive systems. The importer of automobile equipment must also pay customs and taxes. 

Professional IORs in the auto import business ensure legality and efficiency. For your convenience, we will also pay any applicable taxes or duties and pass customs on your behalf. In Estonia, the import of IT equipment for use in the automobile sector is heavily regulated. Some items have a lengthy and costly type-approval procedure.

Aviation Industry

Customers in this industry may relax knowing they comply with mandates from regulatory bodies like the Estonia Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and others when they use IOR services. The importation of products is simplified with our help with customs clearance, certification requirements, and tax and duty payments. 

Getting IT and telecommunications equipment for cars from Estonia makes sense since the automotive industry is the country’s second-largest. The strict rules in place might make it difficult to import such gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

The importer of record documentation is accountable for supporting all the credentials that go along with an import in Estonia. It includes local rules, paperwork, permits, and import licenses.
Import license and IEC certification are two diverse things. IEC certification permits IT and tech businesses to engage in import-export workouts; on the other hand, an Import license is a notification of lawful restrictions on these actions.
Yes, we offer our IOR services to your IT, medical, tech, and aviation industries in Estonia and other nations as well. We will serve our IOR services by importing IT, tech, medical, aviation, and automotive equipment in more than 170 countries.
You can rely on our services as we have great relationships all over the world by providing our importing services. We will handle all your paperwork, importing IT, tech, automotive, and medical equipment in Estonia.
Earnings that are reinvested or held are not subject to corporate income tax (the rate for dispersed gains is between 14 and 20 percent). This implies that businesses in Estonia may reinvest their earnings without incurring any additional tax liability. The personal income tax rate is a flat 20%.