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One Union Solutions can help you reach your full global potential. If you need an Importer of Record (IOR) in Colombia, we can help. Invest in your future in information technology, medicine, aerospace, and the automobile by clicking here.

Expanding your firm into Colombia has potential profit, but there are also certain obstacles to overcome. It may be frustrating to deal with language difficulties, linguistic restrictions, and the complexities of customs laws. One Union Solutions is an IOR (Importer of Record) services provider facilitating easy importation into Colombia. Businesses in the information technology (IT), telecommunications (telecommunications), aviation (aviation), and automotive (automotive) sectors have a lot to gain by entering the Italian market. Importing medical, IT, tech, aviation, and automotive equipment into Colombia may be difficult and time-consuming. 

There are several factors to consider, such as following customs rules and learning about compliance norms. But have no dread! If you choose One Union Solutions as your guide, you’ll have no trouble importing to Colombia. Our goal at One Union Solutions is to make importing into Colombia as easy as possible for you. Our expert staff knows the ins and outs of the Italian customs system and will help you through the import procedure.

Importer of Record Services

Shipments to Colombia

To finish customs clearing after submitting the customs declaration forms using the eCAS Customs Clearing System, you must do the following:

Duties and taxes must be paid at the customs clearance location’s cashier counter before the package may be released. At the customs checkpoint, provide the officer with the appropriate documentation.If the products pass inspection at customs, they will be released.Upon showing a valid certificate of origin, all goods of Colombian origin imported under the treaty are exempt from customs charges by the facilitation and commerce exchange pact with Colombia.

Despite these setbacks, Colombia’s economy continues to wield considerable influence and power. The country’s favorable location and highly trained labor force make it an attractive international commerce and investment market. Since the locals have a comfortable lifestyle and are receptive to importing items from other nations, they are willing to pay the high taxes and expense of living. Colombia is a technological and economic powerhouse because of its prosperous economy and well-off populace.

Here Are Some Of The Areas Where One Union Solutions Might Be Helpful In Colombia

One Union Solutions is a reliable and cost-effective Importer of Record (IOR) in Colombia for IT, healthcare, automotive, and airline businesses. So that your company may concentrate on what it does best, we will handle the paperwork and logistics of importing to Colombia.

We can guarantee timely and trouble-free import deliveries because of our worldwide presence in more than 170 countries and our time-critical transport services. You won’t need to form a Colombian corporation since we’ll serve as your Importer of Record instead. You may save the time and money spent on establishing your legal company in Colombia by using our services to ensure compliance with local customs laws. By cooperating with us, you can maximize your benefits from importing.


Importer of Record Services

Tech Industry

Colombia has a thriving and cutting-edge digital sector that places a premium on user privacy and data protection. There are several import prospects in the IT and telecom sector due to its rising international profile. If you’re importing electronics, look for the CE designation, and if you’re worried about cybersecurity, make sure the equipment complies. 

You should also be aware of the high tax rates in Colombia. The combined value-added tax and corporation tax rate is 25%. As a bonus, Colombia enjoys zero tariffs on EEA-to-EEA commerce as a fellow EEA member state.

Automotive Industry

Colombia’s economy has significantly benefited from the presence of many significant international automakers. Incentives and policies have been put in place to entice investors from outside. Because of its big automotive industry, Colombia is an excellent place to purchase telecommunications and information technology equipment for vehicles.

It may be difficult to import such machinery because of the strict rules. The importer of car equipment must also pay customs and taxes. Expert IORs in the vehicle import industry keep everything above board and running smoothly.

Medical Industry

Medical device manufacturers need to predict the market’s future direction to make strategic investments in light of growing costs, decreasing hospital budgets, and general market uncertainty. Although there is a less pressing need for asynchronous healthcare, it is now anticipated by all providers. There may be import fees or taxes on some types of medical equipment. Certain medical goods are exempt from import taxes because they are deemed “essential.”

Aviation Industry

According to aviation regulations, the item must be packed and labeled correctly. Colombia’s aviation industry has to consider the technical requirements of imported equipment. Two examples of such requirements are compatibility with existing systems and resistance in harsh conditions. If importers consider these considerations, imported equipment will reliably and securely serve the aviation industry.

Understanding the specific demands of each business is crucial before importing IT and telecom equipment from Colombia. However, both risks and noncompliance may be reduced by enlisting an ally. The development of Colombia’s technology, healthcare, automotive, and airline industries is propelled by the presence of an IOR Service. Utilize your expertise and network to secure one of Colombia’s many available chances.

Frequently Asked Questions

When a firm outside of Colombia has to import products into the country, it may hire an IOR service to act as the formal importer of record. You may need it to handle Colombia’s intricate import restrictions, tariffs, and customs processes. Using an IOR service guarantees conformity and facilitates a more streamlined import procedure.
The IOR service provider, a specialized firm, or a customs broker will handle all the paperwork and regulatory procedures for importing your items. They must cross customs, pay all applicable taxes or tariffs, and adhere to Colombia’s import regulations. You’re giving them the data and authority to follow your instructions.
Several advantages may be gained by using an IOR service in Colombia. Professionals handle administrative tasks and local customs inspections to speed up the process. Experts make sure your goods comply with Colombian standards. Import fees are easier to predict in advance. Thanks to the IOR service’s assumption of responsibility, you will have less legal trouble.
IOR services are useful for any foreign firm planning to import products into Colombia. Companies from the manufacturing sector, the retail industry, the technology sector, and others are included. An IOR service may streamline the importing of raw materials or completed goods.
Think about these things while you search for an IOR supplier in Colombia: Find a service that has successfully managed imports into Colombia in the past. Verify that they have the proper credentials to serve as an IOR. Inquire about previous customers or peruse reviews to understand their standing. Make sure they provide the customs clearance and tax payment services you need.