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Armenia, a nation rich in culture and history, is quickly emerging as a rising star in the technology sector. Armenia has emerged as a desirable location for companies looking to import and export technology equipment thanks to a strong emphasis on innovation and a highly skilled workforce. Importing and exporting, however, can be difficult in Armenia due to the country’s complicated regulatory environment.

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Importing into Armenia: The Complexities

The Armenian government has put in place stringent import and export regulations, and compliance with them is of utmost importance. A thorough compliance framework and an understanding of Armenian law are necessary to successfully navigate these regulations. Working with seasoned and knowledgeable exporters can be very beneficial for companies looking to import and export from Armenia.

The technology industry in Armenia is thriving despite the difficulties in navigating the regulatory environment. Businesses that are adept at navigating the difficulties of importing and exporting can profit from the lucrative market with a high demand for medical technology and equipment.

Here's how One Union Solutions can help you in Armenia:

Despite the challenges of navigating the regulatory environment, Armenia’s technology sector is thriving. The lucrative market with a high demand for medical technology and equipment can be profitable for businesses that are skilled at navigating the challenges of importing and exporting.

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Businesses importing goods into Armenia can take advantage of One Union Solutions’ Importer of Record (IOR) services. We take care of all compliance checks, paperwork, and customs requirements to guarantee that your imports arrive on schedule and without delay. You can rely on us to deliver your imports smoothly and on time thanks to our presence across the world in more than 170 countries.

Hassle-Free IOR Services for Your Imports to Armenia

In order to aid businesses in navigating the difficulties of exporting outside of Armenia, One Union Solutions also offers Exporter of Record (EOR) services there. We are a dependable partner for international shipping without hassles thanks to our presence across more than 170 countries and our dependable time-critical transport services. Our duty is to ensure that export procedures are followed precisely and in accordance with Armenian customs regulations and requirements. To learn what to anticipate when shipping from Armenia, click here.

Importer of Record Services

Shipping IT & Telecom Equipment to Armenia’s Growing Industries

You must be aware of the various shipping strategies needed by various industries if you export or import IT and telecom equipment in Armenia. The following details can assist you in comprehending the difficulties associated with sending IT and telecom equipment to Armenia’s tech, medical, automotive, and aviation sectors:

Technology industry:

Armenia’s technology sector is expanding rapidly, and logistics are crucial to meet the sector’s high demand. To meet the demand for the newest technological products, logistics companies must make sure that components and equipment are delivered on time to manufacturers. The Ministry of Economy and the State Revenue Committee (SRC) monitor and control the import and export of goods. To preserve product quality and avoid delivery delays, the supply chain process must be carefully monitored.

Medical industry:

It’s crucial to be aware of the rules and requirements for medical devices when shipping IT & Telecom equipment to Armenia’s healthcare sector. It is essential to comply with the Ministry of Health and the Armenian National Institute of Health, as well as to make sure your products are appropriately packaged and labelled to meet healthcare standards.

Automotive industry:

To guarantee the final product’s dependability and safety, the automotive industry in Armenia needs to adhere to strict quality control standards of Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies and Armenian National Accreditation Body. In order to meet tight deadlines for delivering parts and components to manufacturers, logistics and supply chain management are crucial. The logistics process must be meticulously monitored at every stage, including the handling, storage, and transportation of materials.

Aviation industry:

ITo guarantee the timely and safe delivery of equipment and supplies to airports, airlines, and maintenance facilities in Armenia, the aviation industry needs highly effective and dependable logistics management. In the aviation industry, strict adherence to safety regulations from the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies of the Republic of Armenia and the State Civil Aviation Committee of Armenia. 

Overall, Armenia’s various industries depend heavily on logistics. These industries cannot succeed without strict quality control, adherence to rules, and on-time delivery. In order to ensure that goods and services are delivered effectively and in accordance with customer expectations, effective logistics management is required.


Frequently Asked Questions

Belgium has strict regulations related to customs, taxes, and import/export controls. It’s important to know and comply with these regulations to avoid delays and penalties.

No, it’s not necessary to have a physical presence in Belgium to import or export goods. You can work with an importer or exporter of record service like One Union Solutions to handle the process for you.

Belgium has a diverse economy with a range of industries that require importing and exporting services, including technology, healthcare, automotive, food, retail, and e-commerce.

The key to navigating Belgium’s regulatory landscape is to know Belgian law and put a strong compliance framework in place. Working with a knowledgeable partner like One Union Solutions can help ensure compliance and avoid costly penalties.

One Union Solutions offers Importer of Record and Exporter of Record services to handle all the paperwork, compliance checks, and other requirements for importing and exporting goods to Belgium. They also offer customized solutions for a variety of industries, including Tech, Medical, Automotive, and Aviation

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