Strategic Supply Chain For Data Center Equipment

The world is facing a growing demand in digital industry. Everything from our home appliances up to the rockets we use to get in the space are relying on computers. With this much of digitalization building up, more digitization means more data and more data means we need more storage spaces and more storages spaces mean we need to do something about accessing this data.

Data centers have become a center of business activity for almost every industry. In early days banking sector started using big computers to store customer data and later these big computers turned into dedicated storage units that we call data centers today.

Data centers as of today are much more sophisticated than just data storage units. From receiving, process up to communicating the data they do it all with very limited human interaction. This is how this industry has evolved in just few years and now we are sitting on the fastest growing digital age of all times.

New technology emerging every day and we are now capable of storing more data in smaller spaces and the way we transfer and communicate this data has become faster. Companies are now inclined towards building huge cloud storage infrastructures. According to an estimate this industry has past $30 Billion in second quarter of 2020.

Today its not just about the space and power, it’s a the speed of data center deployments that matters the most. The faster you get your equipment delivered and deployed the faster you are going to upgrade your systems and be on the top of the line.

The quest for strategic/speed sourcing

The ability of deploy the production capacity with high speed, depends widely on supply chain optimization between different suppliers providing servers, networking equipment, electrical components and HVAC equipment.

Its not just a short term planning it’s a long term approach for faster data center deployments. The complex process network between suppliers and design standardization is to managed efficiently to achieve it. Now we will discuss some supply chain strategies that are proven to be very effective in speedy data center deployments.

Owner Furnished Contractor Installed

OFCI is a revolutionary model that shifts responsibility delivery and procurement of critical HVAC and electrical components from the contractor to the data center owner. This will help data center owner to manage equipment vendors more efficiently and bring in the portfolio level partnership for long term equipment needs.

This partnership model is very effective in creating economies of scale and help improve the cost and equipment delivery lead time. Using this concept, the data center owner works closely with the equipment suppliers improving in-time delivery of repeatable data center equipment.

Modular Construction

This is relatively a new concept in data center construction and proved to be the most innovative and efficient. Its helps in prepositioning of all major components of your data center way before the arrival of HVAC and critical electrical components arrive at the data center. It defines the whole building as a functional subset which in other words is know as modules. All these modules are prepositioned for all type of current and future deployments. It also helps in reducing onsite overhead costs.

From Hyperscale to wholesale

Data center owners usually work with direct vendors for supply of critical electric and HVAC equipment. Now this concept is left behind because data center owners are now bypassing the OEMs and connecting with ODMs Original Design Manufacturers. This allows them to order purpose-built equipment. It also eliminates the OEMs markup which makes equipment buying more budget friendly.

Adopting the right approach

We don’t see any signs of deceleration in data center industry. Even in the time of pandemic along side the ecommerce this was the industry which grew rapidly. There is an intense increase in demands for machine learning and AI based solutions which is leading towards more efficient ways of data handling. That’s why data centers are in high demands these days and they are considered vital part of every industry.

Getting a new data center built and running timely and cost effectively is the only way you can keep up with the accelerating digital development. As always, this business also become the crown of the one who can compete on time.

At One Union Solutions we strive to deliver the best solution for your data center development so that you can get your data center up and running. From new equipment sourcing to RFPs we can handle all your supply chain problems.

If you are facing problem sourcing the equipment for your data center, you can talk to our IT Equipment Sourcing Expert now.

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