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One Union Solutions often allows our customers to serve as their Importer of Record in other countries. Since Azerbaijan is not a usual site for importing firms, they must use One Union Solutions as their IOR service provider. Since of the customized nature of our service, we can adapt to your specific needs and concerns. Our expertise in the market allows us to check every quote against applicable international laws and standards.

Importer of Record Services

Importing into Azerbaijan: The Complexities

Production-sharing menus (PSAs) always in the energy industry include provisions for importing commodities and equipment. Import tariffs and taxes are often waived for goods, tools, equipment, supplies, and services to facilitate the PSA’s goals. By extension, PSAs may exclude customs and VAT on imported products and equipment provided by foreign enterprises registered to do business in Azerbaijan that serve as contractors or foreign subcontractors. The provisions of the PSA shall govern each circumstance.

Why One Union Solutions?

Typically, our clients are technology firms with a global reach that need us to support their IT product service and repair operations.

Trust Us With The Logistics, Paperwork, And Customs Inspections

Leave the hassles of international logistics to us so that you can focus on what matters to you. We employ in-house compliance professionals with extensive knowledge of complicated and time-sensitive procedures to ensure that our customers’ products are certified and can pass customs quickly and easily.

We Have a Qualified Staff

Every shipment will be completed to the highest compliance and customer satisfaction standards. All of our customers’ IT shipments are cleared through customs as promptly as possible thanks to the proper customs clearances we conduct.

Our prosperity depends on that of our customers. Because of this, One Union Solutions has become an integral part of our customers’ international growth. Now that their technology can be easily deployed, they can access more than 120+ locations worldwide.

Importer of Record Services

Distributors of Computer and Telecommunications Hardware in Azerbaijan

These considerations may shed light on your challenges while transporting IT and telecom equipment to Azerbaijan’s businesses. The automobile industry is experiencing radical transformations in response to the increasing demand for and difficulties meeting regulatory requirements for autonomous, electric, and hybrid cars.

There is a growing need for secure and reliable automotive software as more and more hardware is being replaced with digital equivalents. Over 70 pages of research, infographics, and information on main problems, best practices, and future trends in automotive software development are available for free download in the 2023 State of Automotive Software Development Report.

Tech Industry:

Technology is a primary driver of global transformation. Innovations in technology provide businesses with additional ways to increase output and develop new products. Business executives may improve their planning by monitoring the progress of new technologies, imagining how their organizations can benefit from them, and learning what variables influence their development and acceptance. 

To pass your products through customs without delay or unexpected expenditure, you need expert knowledge of each nation’s complicated procedures, which may be challenging without first establishing a presence in that country. One Union Solutions is a customs compliance firm specializing in information technology hardware & technical equipment that can easily aid your business with international customs clearance. 

Aviation Industry:

Passenger demand indicates that the aviation industry will continue to thrive in the future, and the sector has already shown its resilience in the face of severe challenges. The initiative will need to swiftly adjust to rising interest rates and develop solutions in the area of sustainability if it is to withstand the additional financial costs that will arise. The industry has addressed issues, and innovative prospects remain front and center through 2023 and beyond.

Since the beginning, One Union Solutions has adapted its service offering to serve its clientele better and the business world’s demands. The ongoing success of One Union Solutions is evidence of the high quality of our services. 

Medical Industry:

Emerging healthcare developments in 2023 have the potential to enhance people’s health all across the globe vastly. As a result, leading healthcare facilities and providers are rushing to adopt cutting-edge innovations to better connect with today’s tech-savvy patients and retain their loyalty. Let us look at some of the latest technological and mobile app innovations in healthcare that are transforming the industry that your rivals are already using before you make any definite plans. 

You may use it to figure out which fad will benefit your company most. The healthcare sector is dynamic and will likely look quite different in 2023. The healthcare industry is evolving with technological developments. Our knowledgeable staff is familiar with the intricate and often updated rules regulating the import of pharmaceuticals for research purposes. 

Automotive Industry:

Reasons for this uptick include falling prices, a pressing need for individual mobility in the wake of the introduction of Covid, and a growing faith in OEMs and other new companies. For customers, “quick evaluation of vehicles, faster settlements, easy finance availability, service & warranty support” are examples of innovations many startups and original equipment manufacturers presented.

An increasing emphasis from the OEMs on enhancing customer experience will continue the rise as modern purchasers anticipate a seamless and trouble-free experience across the whole journey, from research to purchase to after-sales. Companies are adjusting their customer outreach and interaction methods in response to the rising importance of new consumer categories. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In 2018, Azerbaijan implemented new tariffs, streamlining the system to contain three rates: 0%, 5%, and 15%. Most raw materials and equipment are now duty-free under the new system.

Clothing and textiles, IT, culinary products, heavy machinery, electronic cards, steam boilers, and other plant equipment are only some direct and indirect imports from India.

Azerbaijan has instituted Tax-Free shopping, a service that guarantees the total or partial reimbursement of Value-Added Tax (VAT) paid by foreign nationals (often tourists) on the purchase of products.

There is a limit on the value of personal effects and jewels that tourists may bring into the country without filling out a customs form. Without submitting a declaration, tourists may bring in up to $20,000 in cash or its equivalent, three liters of alcoholic beverages, six hundred cigarettes, and twenty grams of gold or jewelry.

The profit tax rate for domestic businesses and PEs of non-residents is a flat 20%. “Taxable profits” refers to the sum remaining after all allowable business expenditures have been subtracted from “gross income.”

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