What Is Importer Of Record (IOR) Service

Trading across the international border is a complex task and requires specialized skills. It is nearly impossible to achieve success with an expert importer of record service provider. To understand the concept let us take you through the concept and its practical implication in the global tech industry.
Importer of record (IOR) is an entity that is responsible for undertaking all the compliance regulations on behalf of your company. An IOR service provider takes full responsibility for fulfilling the import process in a country where you don’t have any legal footprints.

We at One Union Solutions provide a full-scale IOR solution to help IT and Telecom companies export or import their technology across international borders. From fulfilling all the trade compliance requirements to managing the import process up to the last mile of delivery we provide a door-to-door solution.

  • What is included in IOR/EOR Service
  • Paying all duty/taxes at the time of import
  • Fulfilling all the trade compliance requirements at the time of import
  • Acquiring all the necessary licenses, certifications, and legal authorizations
  • Getting the goods delivered to your doorsteps

We at One Union Solutions are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to help you import your good to more than 170 countries. Working with a vast majority of companies around the globe we have gained sufficient trade compliance knowledge which makes us the authentic IOR/EOR solutions providers.

Global Trade compliance

Global trade compliance is a term specifically used when it comes to importing or exporting IT and Telecom hardware. Every country in the world has its own rules and regulations and every country require a specific set of permits and certificates to import IT and Telecom hardware.

Developed countries have now acquired a systematic approach while underdeveloped countries are still struggling to streamline the import process for IT and Telecom hardware. High and low-duty tax structures and complex sets of government authorization are key hurdles that can create hustle in the import process.

Our team of trade compliance experts is experienced and well trained to handle all such logistics operations. We tend to develop a straightforward strategy when acting as the importer of records in any country. We make sure all compliance checks are in place before commencing the import process and that all necessary permits and certificates are acquired in advance. This makes our import process very smooth and helps us avoid any last-minute surprises.


Not just import compliance, duty and taxes are also different in every country. Developed countries have a low variation whereas underdeveloped countries have a high variation of import duties and taxes. Our on-ground team keeps us updated with any change in the duty/tax structure which is why our quotes are 99% accurate with no costing errors.

We are by far the most competent company to provide Importer Of Record service for IT, Telecom, and satellite hardware around the globe. Covering more than 120 destinations our full DDP import solution is winning the trust of our customers.

As an IOR service provider, we take full responsibility for the legal import of your goods. Adhering to the local import compliance rules and paying all the duty taxes is our utmost priority. We at One Union Solutions make sure that all your imports are executed in a fast, reliable, and safe manner.

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