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When you have One Union Solutions listed as the consignee or importer on your shipping documents, you can rest assured that we will handle all necessary paperwork and documentation with the relevant government agencies. We can manage the logistics of transporting any goods you want to send and provide any other services you may need.

Importer of Record Services

Importing into Norway: The Complexities

Following submission of the customs declaration form via the eCAS Customs Clearing System, the following steps must be taken to complete customs clearance:

At the customs clearing location’s cashier counter, you must pay any applicable duties and taxes before your shipment may be released.

Provide the customs clearance officer with the necessary paperwork at the customs checkpoint

The customs checkpoint will clear the goods for release.

According to the country’s customs rules, food importers in Bahrain must provide a certificate from the producer confirming that the product does not contain cyclamates. By the facilitation and commerce exchange pact among Arab nations, all items of Arab origin imported under the convention are free from customs taxes upon presenting a valid certificate of origin.

In Bahrain, One Union Solutions May Assist You In The Following Ways

You can rely on One Union Solutions for affordable and compliant Importer of Record (IOR) services in Bahrain. You may rest easy knowing that we will handle everything necessary to import your IT and telecom equipment.

Importer of Record Services

Technology and Telecommunications Goods Shipped to Bahrain’s Many Businesses

Aviation industry:

The elimination of paper boarding cards and the introduction of automated boarding are further instances of the widespread use of digital technology in recent years. Like many other sectors, aviation is completely migrating to the cloud. This not only aids in lowering the most criticized aspect of carbon footprints but also provides a host of additional advantages.

We are completely obsessed with the idea that with the right strategic intelligence, an export-import company may increase its revenue by a factor of ten just by making certain adjustments. To ensure the continued success of our customers’ supply chains, we establish long-term partnerships based on trust and confidence while providing customized, integrated, complicated solutions.

Tech industry:

Manufacturing more reliable goods and services is made possible by technological developments that boost manufacturing efficiency. Manufacturers may take advantage of new market trends and fresh ideas by keeping up with the times. By using cutting-edge solutions, companies may discover methods to save money, increase productivity, and maintain a contemporary image.

AI can reason and determine the results using the premise and the accumulated facts. It may help manufacturers anticipate consumer behavior and adjust their strategies appropriately. Our personnel have extensive knowledge of working with various items, including IT tools, machines, fabrics, and replacement components. If you let One Union Solutions handle Customs clearance, you can be sure that your shipments will arrive at their destination as quickly as possible. 

Medical industry:

With rising prices, falling hospital budgets, and broad market uncertainty, medical device companies must know where the market is headed to make wise investments. The wide spread of COVID-19 necessitated the rapid use of online therapies. While the need for asynchronous healthcare has diminished, it is now expected of all healthcare providers. The field of virtual medicine has advanced beyond its pandemic-era roots.

Cutting through the clutter and providing patient-friendly product information squarely in their hands will be crucial. To ensure Bahrain’s people can access quality healthcare, we collaborate with the provinces. Depending on their category, medical gadgets may be hit with import taxes. The import tax on certain medical items is waived if considered “essential.”

Automotive Industry:

Consumers are fast to accept sophisticated technology that improves their lives, as seen by the widespread adoption of smartphones in the consumer electronics sector. Users are continuously on the lookout for methods to simplify their experience. These principles already influence the automotive industry and will do so much more in 2023. Car manufacturers have started advertising the convenience of purchasing vehicles without physically visiting a showroom.

A buyer with an internet-connected device may read brand comparisons and customer reviews and take a virtual 3D test drive of their desired vehicle. Considering the convenience of the internet vehicle market, digital car sales will likely rise. Young people nowadays long for car ownership for social and practical reasons. Manufacturers of automobiles will work to accommodate the rising demand for vehicles that satisfy buyers’ requirements. The car industry will have no option but to follow this trend since millions of young people will be eager to upgrade to the newest gadgets.

In 2023, cutting-edge technology will be central to most industry shifts. The same holds for the IoT and the increased connectivity of automobiles. In 2023, the number of vehicles whose systems are linked to other digital systems is expected to increase. Car manufacturers will likely use predictive technologies to ensure optimal vehicle performance on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

The standard customs tax rate is 5% of the cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) value, except alcoholic drinks and cigarettes, which are subject to a 225% and 200% surcharge, respectively. A 20% duty rate applies to several product categories, such as paper and aluminum.

A genuine certificate of origin from the appropriate country’s chamber of commerce. A duplicate of the insurance contract. A simple bill of lading. Authorization from the proper authorities to import prohibited items.

Bahrain’s primary imports are Fuel, electrical, chemical, transport equipment, metals, and plastics.

Bahrain’s principal import is crude oil imported from Saudi Arabia through an undersea pipeline for refinement. Chemicals, food, and equipment are among more key imports. Aluminum products and refined petroleum products are the main exports.

Bahrain International Airport’s new terminal is also home to the stunning Bahrain Duty-Free, a well-liked transit location for flights traveling from and to Europe, Asia, North America, and beyond.

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