Top Five Countries With The Highest & Most Challenging Import Barriers

Top Five Countries With The Highest & Most Challenging Import Barriers

Importing products globally is a tricky business, but all the countries are not the same. The following are the factors that determine the challenges faced by importers in various destinations. Trading across borders is not an easy thing, but certain factors make some areas more challenging than others. Research has suggested that compliance issues make the import process more complicated.

The Highest & Most Challenging Import Barriers

It is also identified that apart from the compliance issues the legislative structures that may be specific to certain regions or countries further complicate the situation. In this regard, the field of technology faces more issues as this industry is more regulated. One of the basic reasons for that is the dual use of tech products. It means that the products can be used for harmful purposes other than the intended use. Compliance is one of the major factors that determine the ease of importing products in any country. Test reports, contracts, label pictures, permits, and licenses are some of the barriers that importers face.

Duties and taxes in many instances are designed to make the market less attractive for the importers. Hence the tariff structure is another important factor that may form the basis of a business decision. The following are the five most challenging destinations for importing in the world.


The compliance rules and regulations in the country are very strict and complicated. Import of electronics and commercial goods is difficult as many brands are banned by the Russian government. Several restrictions are based on trade pacts. Therefore, certain tech goods are impossible to reach this destination. Political, cultural, and bureaucratic factors make the import process further complicated. These reasons collectively make it a difficult destination for importing tech goods.

Saudi Arabia

For new businesses, Saudia Arabia is a complex destination as it requires a lot of compliance certificates. In addition, issues like religious law play a vital role. The procedures are not only complex, but the compliance certificates and licenses take a lot of time for their approval. Another unique restriction they pose is the requirement of pictures of products and their labels that make the process long and cumbersome. The original rules have become more strict due to the issues like Arab League Boycott. The banned items in the country also have a long list. Apart from that, the law authorities have a low tolerance for noncompliance which creates stress for the traders. Certain traditions, customs, and belief systems also greatly impact the import rules. All of these factors combine to make the process more tricky and time-consuming.

Hong Kong

It may appear shocking, but the country has become a difficult trade destination for several reasons. The country has no taxes or duties on importing. This has made it a very attractive market for a large number of products. Several businesses want to enter the market that creates a huge influx of products through a small region. It makes the deliveries slow and cumbersome. Hong Kong has a flexible tax structure environment and is linked closely to other Asian markets. It creates an opportunity for businesses to take goods to other countries from Hong Kong. In this regard, to reduce these risks, strict regulations have been adopted by the government for border control. Administrative work for government organizations is greatly increased which makes the import process extremely slow. In addition, a lot of compliance is required for the tech products to enter the market. Some compliance licenses may take as many as 20 business days creating delays in shipment.


For the new business, there exists a need for lengthy administrative requirements that take a lot of time. Poor infrastructure can also cause a lot of issues. Even though the goods have arrived the clearance processes cause delays. Small errors can easily occur when it comes to compliance. These errors can cause huge disasters causing confiscation of goods. Compliance issues are the biggest hurdle for the import of tech goods in India. High import taxes are also another problem. Taxes are levied to protect local products. Time lapses, financial risks, and huge compliance requirements make the country third most complex import destination in the world.


Import in Argentina is very expensive and lengthy. There are several other reasons like corrupt political practices, poor infrastructure, huge labor costs, and lack of coherence in rules and regulations. Across the whole region, the customs and taxes for technology equipment are very high and can even change quickly. Corruption also creates complexity as customs officials may not implement the laws for every business coherently. High crime rates contribute to the risk factor making Argentina a complex trade destination.

How Our Importer Of Record Service Can Help You Import In These Countries

Brazil, the Philippines, and Vietnam are some other tricky import destinations. Partnerships with compliance specialists like One Union Solutions can make your journey across the border smooth and risk-free. We ensures swift custom clearances and trouble-free import process even in the most difficult destinations around the globe. We have a global presence in more than 170 countries worldwide. Our import experts are well equipped with knowledge and experience to help you import your technology without any trouble.

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