Key tips to overcome challenges in Data Center Management

Operating data centers is a complex task alongside strict physical security the most important aspect of data center management is data security. Data centers are built for the sole purpose of managing customer data all in one place and data protection holds very crucial importance in data center management.

As we all know technology is constantly changing and the data center industry is struggling to keep up with the rapid advancement. Apart from this, there are many other aspects that contribute to effective and efficient data center management. One way of ensuring the peak performance of your data center is to conduct a data center audit.

In this article, we will share some of the best practices and standard procedures that can help improve and maintain the efficiency of your data center all the time.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Data centers are built to work continuously around the clock. This is why data centers are prone to some technical failures such as network connectivity, cooling systems, power distribution, and much more. With so much going on in one place all at the same time, overall performance monitoring is very crucial.
There are many solutions readily available in the market to help you with this management constraint. Solutions like DCIM or Data Center Infrastructure Management solely address this issue and gives you a clear insight into almost every performance metric. It also produces real-time reports on every aspect of your data center so that you can do timely decision-making and avoid any downtime.

Security for Cyber Security Threats

Data centers as we all know hold critical data that is linked to many some of the leading industries around the world. That is why they are under constant threat from cyber criminals. Technology is growing fast every day we get to see major breakthroughs and new developments. On the other side, cyber security threats are also growing and putting the global data center industry at high risk.

Data centers are not much affected by physical attacks, but they are very prone to cyber-attacks. A threat can be both internal and external, which is why investing in superior technology for cyber security as well as the physical security of the data center is very crucial.

Managing Uptime through DCIM Systems

Keeping up with the uptime is a challenge that most data centers are facing these days. That can only be achieved by measuring the performance of the data center. From effective management of power supply and cooling accuracy to efficiently using the resources, all factors contribute to the maximum uptime. That is why we highly recommend using DCIM systems to optimize data center operations.

Maintaining Sustainability

Planning is an essential part of better data center management, which is why there is much more to do beyond just minimizing the downtime. A good performing data center is not just a combination of good technology. From efficient use of space to effective distribution of power, every aspect is to be taken care of when managing a data center. Again, DCIM systems have proved to be more effective, they efficiently examine the whole system and recommend solutions.

Improved Power consumption and cooling management

Power consumption and cooling management have remained a key factor in the effective management of data centers. Data centers consume a large quantity of energy which is needed to keep the infrastructure running and to keep it cool. With so much heat generation often more energy is used to keep the data center cool. Proper energy monitoring tools can help solve this problem. They can assess all the energy consumption and also gives a better insight into energy wastage.

As we know technology is evolving every day and data centers should invest more and more in keeping up with the new development. Deployment of technologically advanced and autonomous systems can help achieve performance-efficient data center management. The aspects discussed above are very common and the list goes on as you dive deep inside data center management.

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