Key Aspects To Consider Before Data Center Relocation

Key Aspects To Consider Before Data Center Relocation

Consider you are moving a house and you need to prepare for it. Think about all the aspects you should be taking care of. From packing to unloading and rearranging every aspect need your attention. Any miss handling can cost you money and damage your home appliances. The same goes with data center relocation, but that is done on a bigger scale with precautions you can ever imagine about.

Data center relocation is a daunting task and very costly, still, tech companies around the world are considering it as their long-term optimization strategy. You still might have that big question in mind why tech companies are opting for data center relocation? Is it the global expansion of big data? Or a global evolution of IoT? Let us just go into some aspects and get to know why Tech companies are opting for data center relocation.

Increasing Performance Capability

Faster data speeds and a huge surge in streaming applications and a never-ending demand for cloud storage are some of the reasons. To keep up with these demands tech companies need to move data centers to almost every country in the world.

Geographical Proximity

This is one of the primary reasons why companies move data centers. Every service provider wants to close the gap between them and their customers for better performance and a sustainable system. Other conditions like weather, security, and natural disasters also add up to the increasing demands of data center relocation.

Reducing Capital Expenses

There are certain states or countries where governments have placed special subsidies to help tech companies build their infrastructure. Bigger spaces and energy consumption are the reasons highly affecting tech companies on part of their overhead costs.

Efficient Energy Consumption

Hot climates are the biggest enemy of data centers. Every year companies spend millions on creating cooling systems to keep their data centers cool. With the current energy crisis companies are considering moving data centers to regions with hospitable climates.

Data Center Relocation: Challenges and Hurdles

There is no one-book rule to relocating every data center. Tech companies consider special planning and teams who are experts in such tasks. Still, there are some common aspects that tech companies face when it comes to data center relocation.


Just like every other task planning is an integral part of it, and data centers are no different from it. Moving the equipment while considering no downtime is a nerve-breaking task. Each step of moving is planned in advance and strictly followed by the deadlines. For instance, everything goes well but your equipment arriving late at the destination can cause a big hassle.


Even when you have a well-experienced IT staff you might just not be prepared for data center relocation. Staff with extensive expertise in maintenance and back-end equipment setups plays a vital role in effectively moving the data center. The equipment in question is extremely sensitive and small miss calculations during movement, storage and transportation can cause significant damage.


Data center relocations are projects of massive scale, they need to execute with perfection otherwise you can face a huge downtime in your service delivery. There is no such thing that you can just avoid downtime due to relocation. If you plan efficiently, you can imperatively minimize it.


ADO or Application Delivery Optimization is a widely used term in enterprise data center infrastructures. It is a system that helps the efficient distribution of data traffic between servers. This aspect is highly critical when considering data center relocation. Lack of understanding of ADO systems can result in significant downtime and hinders the company from setting up the new data center quickly.

How One Union Solution can help you with data center relocation

Moving sensitive and critical parts of your hardware infrastructure is a difficult task that can cost time and money if not executed right.  At One Union Solution, we make sure to plan ahead of time so that the transition is seamless. A meticulously well-planned relocation always minimizes the impact on customers as well as your staff. At One Union Solution, we provide you the opportunity to grow beyond your physical borders.

To learn more about how we can manage your data center relocations, Get an appointment from our data center relocation expert.

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