IOR Services in Israel

Put your trust in our experienced team to ensure your imports are fully compliant with Israeli laws and regulations. Avoid costly delays and penalties by partnering with us. One Union Solutions’s IOR services optimize import-related costs, reducing overheads and increasing your competitiveness in the Israeli market. Maximize your profitability with our cost-effective solutions.

To take advantage of zero customs taxes under the U.S.-Israel FTA, American exporters must include a printed and signed declaration on their invoices certifying that the items sent conform in every respect to the rules of origin and the other terms of the FTA. If you’re an exporter looking for further details on the invoice declaration clause, you may register in the U.S. Commercial Service Israel website.

Since the proper categorization of products calls for specialized expertise, we advise seeking advice from a customs broker. Under Commercial Import Taxes, Israel Customs offers free advance ruling categorization advice. Include a complete product description, technical specifications, and other pertinent data in your request. If you’re looking for an IOR partner in Israel, go no further than One Union Solutions.

Importer of Record Services

The Challenges of Exporting to Israel

Importing items into Israel is subject to several regulations. Additional restrictions apply to transferring communication equipment to Israel from certain countries. Getting the necessary documentation and licenses for origin verification might take some time.

Businesses that want to play by the rules must determine their unique Harmonized System (HS) codes. You may decide which documentation and regulations apply to your import or export using these codes. By obtaining accurate HS codes, businesses can ensure a seamless import/export procedure.

Israel’s strict customs clearance processes are one of the main challenges of importing to the country. Distinct sorts of commodities have particular paperwork, permission, license, and certification needs due to the country’s strict import rules. Delays, penalties, or even seizure of products may arise from a failure to comply with these regulations. We ensure your documentation is to save you from being fined or delayed.

You can rely on One Union Solutions for affordable and legal Importer of Record (IOR) services in Israel. You may rest easy knowing that we will handle everything necessary to import your IT and telecom equipment. Whether you’re in the IT, medical, automotive, or aviation sectors, we can tailor our solutions to meet your specific requirements. Trust us to take care of the details so you can focus on successfully making your import into Israel.

One Union Solutions in Israel: Our Services to You

You can rely on One Union Solutions for affordable and legal Importer of Record (IOR) services in Israel. You may rest easy knowing that we will handle every step of the import procedure for your IT and telecom equipment. If you want to import to Israel without any headache, you may trust us to handle all the paperwork and procedures.

Logistics and supply chain management in Israel may be challenging without careful planning and execution. One Union Solutions provides comprehensive supply chain management, from sourcing to storage to shipping to customs clearance. You may save time and money thanks to the adequate transportation of your products and our simplified procedures and network of reliable partners.

Importer of Record Services

Experience with Customized Answers

One Union Solutions recognizes the individuality of each company. We take an individualized approach, tailoring our services to meet your requirements while being adaptable to accommodate any changes in your organization.

Sending Electronics to Israel’s Many Businesses

Understanding the specific needs of each market you serve is essential as an exporter and importer of IT and telecom equipment in Israel. Insights on the challenges of transporting IT and telecom equipment to Israel’s technology, healthcare, automotive, and aviation sectors are provided below.

Tech Industry

Increases in manufacturing efficiency brought about by technical advancements allow for higher-quality products and services. By staying current, manufacturers may capitalize on emerging markets and innovative concepts. Companies that adopt innovative practices may find new ways to decrease costs, boost output, and present themselves as progressive.

Our staff has vast experience dealing with various things, including IT hardware and software, machinery, textiles, and spare parts. If you have One Union Solutions handle Customs clearance, you can be confident that your packages will swiftly get where they’re going.

Aviation Industry

IT and telecom equipment must conform to stringent government regulations when supplying the aviation sector. Included in this is adhering to all rules set out by the MOCA. The Israel aviation sector must consider the technical specifications of imported equipment. Compatibility with current systems and resilience to severe environments are two examples of such criteria. 

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is subject to some regulations and rules. Knowing the unique criteria of the automobile sector, such as the automobile sector Standards (AIS), is essential for adhering to Israel’s import and export laws from the Automotive Research Association of Israel (ARAI). 

Many different types of items are shipped in the aviation sector. Logistics and transportation services ensure that things reach their destination individually. The Israel Civil Aviation Authority has established rigorous rules and standards for air cargo carriers’ safe and secure operation.

Medical Industry

Medical devices and equipment must adhere to various regulations, certifications, and compliance criteria. Medical device manufacturers need insight into the industry’s future to make strategic investments in light of growing costs, shrinking hospital budgets, and general market uncertainty. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Ministry of Economy and Industry must approve an import license before bringing anything into Israel. The Israel Tax Authority, part of the Ministry of Finance, oversees the customs office. They are in charge of overseeing every export and import to Israel.
The import duty on a shipment is 17% if the total value of your products exceeds USD 75. For instance, if the stated worth of your goods is USD 75, the destination country’s government will need to pay an extra 12.75 USD in taxes before the receiver can get the shipment.
Israel, like the majority of other nations, forbids entrance with any dairy goods or meat products. While all other fruits and vegetables are permitted unless they come from Africa, bananas and pineapples are strictly prohibited.
Israel has a free market economy with cutting-edge technology. Among its top exports are medicines, high-tech equipment, and cut diamonds. Its main imports are crude oil, cereals, raw materials, and military hardware.
Does Israel charge VAT to visitors? In Israel, visitors are entitled to a VAT refund. VAT stands for “Value Added Tax.” Many of the goods and services that visitors visiting Israel buy are subject to VAT. The current VAT rate in Israel is 17%.