IOR Service China: Tech Imports & Its Regulations In China

IOR Service China

The Chinese Market is very attractive for a number of industries. The market is just a bit behind the USA in the import of products from all over the world. In the year 2017, China imported goods of $1.8 trillion from various parts of the world. Out of the total imports, 13% of the goods, including ICs, are technology imports. The EU is the biggest trade partner of China. China is considered one of the world’s biggest economies, and its market is growing at a very fast pace.

Despite the growing economy, there are many hurdles that the importers have to face in the process of trading goods with China. There are various barriers that traders face in China, and they need a lot of preparation beforehand to have a successful trade journey. In this regard, IOR Service China can play a vital role in reducing trade challenges and helping importers understand compliance rules and regulations.

The following aspects of the Chinese Market should be considered when trading goods with the market.

Chinese Market & Global Production

Chinese people are very active and civilized and are proud of their culture. China has a fantastic culture comparable to any country in the world. The business environment has a lot of complexities. In addition, the language is a huge barrier that sometimes makes it impossible to conduct business with local Chinese companies. Any business needs a lot of time to build its credibility in the Chinese market and develop its network.

Many industries are completely closed to foreign importers as there exists intense competition between local companies like Huawei and Cisco.

CCC Chinese Compulsory Certificate

A Chinese compulsory certificate is the primary safety certificate required in the Chinese Market in order to protect the consumers. The certificate is also necessary for the selling, use or manufacturing of the products in the Chinese market. This requirement started in the year 2002, and all of its rules were properly implemented in the market in 2003.

Chinese compulsory certificate is divided into four different categories by the Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China.

Chinese Certification for Automotive parts: The accreditation is required for automotive part manufacturers or importers.

Chinese Safety Global Certification: The certification is required for the safety glass manufacturers and importers.

Chinese Certification for Electromagnetic Capability: The certificate is used for all electronic products irrespective of their use.

Chinese Certification for Security and Protection: The certification is for security products, road safety products and forensic technology products.

The products that can publish CCC marks on their products while shipment has to pass through a lengthy audit process. After the audit, the companies get permission to print this mark on their respective shipments. The time required for the operation is about 6 months and also includes an inspection of the factory. Each and every device is tested separately in the whole process.

Goods that do not have the CCC certification are not allowed to enter the Chinese borders. A photo of the certificate needs to be shown to the compliance department before the goods are shipped to the country. IOR Service China can significantly aid in acquiring CCC certificates for the importers and make the trade processes hassle-free. Being an Importer of Record services, we can assist your company in compliance and shipment issues. Our expertise will ease your business challenges and help you achieve custom clearance in China.

China versus the USA in the Business World

The business war between the US and China is not a new concept. History has well documented the conflict. The great war is producing a profound impact on the export and import market of the country.
The percentage of imported products in the Chinese Market decreased by 8.5% in the year 2019. This produces a significant impact on global economic growth. China is a huge market; therefore, the International Monetary Fund has reduced the global economic growth forecast by 3.2%.

With time, this trade war is creating a more worrisome impact on the Chinese Market. This war deeply impacts every Trader who wants to conduct business in the Chinese Market. Regulations in the Chinese Market also alter according to the changes in the political scenario of the world.

Role of IOR Service Provider In China

Any technological product manufactured in the USA that aims to enter the Chinese Market must pay an added 10% tax. The Chinese government is already taking 17% tax from the traders, and an added 10% tax makes importing goods highly expensive.

How One Union Solutions Can Help You Import In China

One Union Solutions has extensive experience working with IT companies and helping them import their products to various economies in the world. As an IOR Service provider in China, the company can ensure that your products will reach the booming Chinese market without any trouble.

Looking for an IOR Solution for China? Contact our IOR Specialist now.

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