Benefits of Modular Data Center Designs

Benefits of Modular Data Center Designs

As the field of computing is evolving at a fast pace the modular container design has given way to a cost-effective deployment methodology that is used by big data providers, governments, and educational institutes. The shape and size of the data centers are changing as a consequence of these developments. This blog will focus on the advantages of the new modular design. There are multiple reasons for the success of modular container design. All of these advantages of a modular design can be combined into five elements

  1. Spatially Adaptable

These containers are very adjustable and can work effectively in any environment with a variety of different layouts. They can be kept in any storage depository, or open environment outside. No added structure is needed to keep them, as they can easily be stacked on one another. They make the existing design of the place more appealing. Instead of overhauling or building more rooms to keep computer-based equipment, mechanical or electrical devices, and networks, one only needs space of 20 to 40 feet to keep these modular containers. Modular design containers are a new way to construct buildings with very less materials that are durable and can save time, money, and space. The construction can easily be disassembled and moved to any desired location.

  1. Safe and Secure

These modular design containers provide safety at a variety of levels. Containers are quite firm and closed providing security for significant use. As they are made up of steel they can resist damage from strong winds or any other destruction. Being built off-site, these containers eliminate the need for heavy transport to ship them to secure locations along with the expensive clearances and secrecy requirements. Apart from that, these containers are fireproof and resistant to extreme weather conditions.

  1. Customization

The data centers built in these containers can be customized as they have modular nature. The computing apps are linked directly with the electrical and mechanical devices that decrease the Power Usage Effectiveness scores and increase efficiencies. The companies can deploy according to their data processing needs and redeploy if there is any change.

  1. Easy to Transport

The building of a new data center is a process that accompanies the migration of data centers that is a complex and tiring process of moving network, storage, and server from the existing facility. In today’s world, the data centers built through these modular containers can be wrapped and transported anywhere in the world.

  1. Fast

The designing and building process is accompanied by all the benefits of design-built manufacturing. The owner in this process works with a single integrated team making the whole process from design to delivery very cost-effective. The off-site manufacture of units drastically reduces the overall time of the project. The containers are also factory-commissioned which means they are ready to use once they reach the desired location. These containers are of high-quality steel that helps achieve savings and get a faster ROI. As the budget is identified well before the design these modular designs provide a clear scope and budgetary requirements to the manufacturer making the process more transparent. Many expenses that are crucial in the conventional business are eliminated using these modular design containers like labor shortages and the construction crew. The containers do not disturb the existing operations and save a lot of time for the business in a variety of ways. Apart from that, hassle in the business processes is also minimized to a great extent like quality controlled measures make sure that the units are accurately developed or modified eliminating the need for rework on the site.

Final Thoughts

The modular design containers along with their affordability, safety, and efficiency are Eco friendly and create a minimum impact on the environment in their development and functioning. Sustainability and recycling are considered in the materials used. All these advantages of modular containers have given a way to change the conventional design and deployment of data centers. The benefits like efficiency, speed and cost of modular container data centers have exhibited a change in the course of action that presents an evolution in data center design.

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