Dedicated Shipping Service

Our Importer Service is tailored to your specific needs, since every customer has its own unique requirements, our professional team constructs an operational layout to effectively fulfill your needs.

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Our Exclusive Dedicated Shipping Solution

With technical machinery and equipment, even the smallest bump or scratch can seriously harm your equipment. One Union Solutions goes above and beyond the standard transportation carrier duties. We are responsible for your expensive equipment; delivery and transportation alone are insufficient.
Our impeccable packaging of your equipment, transportation, equipment unloading, unpacking, installation, and debris disposal are all included in our white-glove services.

One Union Solutions, as a White Glove Delivery Services provider, has reduced damage incidences to 1 event per 1,000 shipments, boosted customer satisfaction with our customers’ delivery experiences to 98%, and improved transit times for high-end retailers by 200%.

Customized, Flexible Custom Plans

One Union Solutions is aware that some machinery might require further expertise. Beyond our core services, we have created specialized procedures designed to satisfy your unique client needs, such as:

  • Merge-in-transit services
  • Assembly, installation, and testing services;
  • Regulatory compliance for your equipment
  • Deliveries tailored to your precise Date & Time requirements
  • Reverse logistics, including equipment destruction and decontamination
  • Direct assistance to our customer's engineers and field technicians

Over & Above Delivery & Installation

We offer transportation services beyond the obligations of the carrier. Our white glove delivery service includes a wide range of procedures and services, such as:

  • Inside delivery with specialized handling
  • Equipment unpacking and debris removal
  • Multi-person uniformed crew present for a professional appearance.
  • Customized tracking programs for improved connection with you;
  • Professional equipment packaging, shipping, delivery, and installation to its ultimate location

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Fast, Reliable & Safe

Over the years we have developed & refined systems to serve our clients with utmost diligence. Our all-inclusive DDP services include:

Our Exclusive White Glove Delivery Service

White Glove Delivery is our preferred way of shipping goods across the globe when the equipment is marked for special handling. Shipping your sensitive equipment without a White Glove Delivery Service is a bigger risk.

With our White Glove Delivery Service, you can just sit back, and track and we do the rest. Our specialized teams at every destination make sure to meet all the handling needs and deliver your equipment safe and sound.

From picking up the equipment from the manufacturer to getting it packed and delivered to your doorstep, we can handle everything. Our dedicated shipping experts provide efficient feedback on every step so that you can have a real-time status report on your White Glove Delivery.


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