Cross Border Tech Deployments Door-To-Door With DDP

The Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) is paramount for any firm looking to provide the highest level of customer service. One Union Solutions helps streamline your shipping & delivery process.

DDP Incoterms Meaning

DDP Incoterms is an agreement comprising the guidelines for international transportation of goods. Under the DDP incoterms, it falls upon the seller to assume all responsibility of shipment delivery, along with all the risks and costs incurred. These costs include Freight Charges, VAT, Duties, Import and Custom Liabilities, insurance and any other expenses made until the shipment arrives at the designated location.

One Union Solutions provides an unparalleled Delivered Duty Paid service for IT equipment. Owing to our team of experts and extensive international experience, we make sure that DDP incoterms for your goods are met.

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Why DDP Is Used?

Buyer Protection

One Union Solutions will assume all the costs and risks involved in the shipping process which is why you don’t have to worry about any surprises and potential pitfalls. Just sit back and let us do what we are best at.

Safe and fast delivery

Shipping your goods halfway around the world can bring in many surprises, anything from transit to last-mile delivery can go wrong. Countries around the world have their own laws and regulations when it comes to imports. Through our Delivered Duty Paid service we make sure to ship your goods through reliable and safe channels.

International Customs fee

Shipping goods across the globe means you have to bear the extra costs involved and you have to make sure you are accurate with your costing. If not assessed accurately you might end up losing profit on sales. Our Delivered Duty Paid service gives you a smooth purchasing experience.

Let Our DDP Expert Handle Your Shipment

Clearence Without Delay

Over the years we have developed & refined systems to serve our clients with utmost diligence. Our all-inclusive DDP services include:

Our DDP Service

Pre Shipping

Accurate costing holds a key aspect when shipping across international borders. That is why we provide accurate upfront costings and deep insight into the compliance process involved. Before moving the goods, we make sure all the permits and licenses are acquired to save time and ensure timely delivery.

In Transit

Keeping a close eye on your goods while in transit we make sure no step is left unattended. From arranging pick-ups to managing the international logistics and on-arrival swift clearance we manage it efficiently. With our highly skilled professional logistics team, we make sure your goods remain in safe hands while they are in transit.

Post Clearence

We make sure your goods arrive at their destination safely, which is why we arrange secure transportation and storage facilities. All our in-country storage and delivery services are handled by professional staff trained to handle Hi-Tech equipment. From clearance to installation each step is monitored carefully.


DDP or Delivered Duties Paid our preferred way of shipping goods across the globe, you can also ship your goods using DDU service or Delivered Duties Unpaid. Shippers might find this appealing but in reality DDU comes with many risks.

There is a good difference between DDP and DDU service, In DDU the end user gets to involve in the clearance process. The end user is required to pay all the taxes and duties once the goods arrive at the destination.

With DDU service the end-user or customer is responsible for clearance of the goods and final delivery. As per our experience end users of the customer do not like to get involved in this process. They want the goods delivered to their doorsteps.

That is the reason why DDP or Delivered Duty Paid is the most preferred way of shipping. With zero end user or customer involvement, it gives a better customer experience to international buyers.


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